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My connection keeps failing even though I'm in same room as host

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My sister and I are trying to play together in the same room, but I keep disconnecting from her servers even with good internet access and with a mod created to help against lag and disconnecting.

I was wondering if anyone knew anything to help us with the problem? Thanks guys!

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5 minutes ago, Hell-met said:

don't use this "lag mod".

its deprecated

It seems to work a bit though; it lets me stay in the game just a little longer and it really helps with lag.

I just disconnect with no warning more than half the time and I don't know why, even without the mod (it's worse without it tbh)

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Yeah, she disconnects after 5 minutes every time she manages to join my servers ;O; (The same thing happens to me when I join her servers.)
Since we're trying to get on the same server while in the same room, I would think that the connection would be better. Does anyone know any tips on how to fix our connection issues? :wilson_lightbulb:

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