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  1. Wormwood is a "he"

    That could be possible, however Wormwood is revered to as a "he" by other characters and the dev team. He is also listed under the male category and not underneath the same category as WX-78 and other non-gender characters. It could likely be that he is just a male plant with two male flowers as he seems to only release pollen. He fertilizes flowers around himself which causes them to grow quicker and more rapidly. He doesn't give off seeds like a female or monoecious plant or flower, only pollen.
  2. It sure would be a dream come true! Making houses in Hamlet is super fun, but seems pretty lonely with no one to roam about it with you. I'd love to build a house with friends that ends up like a maze!
  3. Imagionary's Art Hovel

    I'm dying, thank you this is so cute!!!!!!!!! He'd be such a good step dad! Rip Warbucks, you'll be missed.
  4. Imagionary's Art Hovel

    I love him!!! Could you draw my favorite person?
  5. I'd love to see Walani too!
  6. Stupid suggestion?

    This sounds super fun tbh! Like a floating island you can steer.
  7. Exactly, I think it'd be nice if they had a toggle option in the main menue to turn them off if someone desired. Ultimately though I feel as though they should stay in game (unless toggled) as to not take away from the grotesque feel of the moon! I think the designs are amazing and should really stay within the game unless a player wants to manually turn them off.
  8. Woodlegs

    Heck, I'd buy all of the shipwrecked characters in a bundle if I could!
  9. I meant for the poll to be for the character your most excited for, but I could add an "All" option if you guys would like! I added in the option but not for the last question since it asks for single most anticipated.
  10. I added in a "None" option for those not wanting them implemented even if reworked.
  11. I mean, I could do that sure. The only reason I didn't add it before hand was to see who was interested in the characters with a rework. (I honestly think all the characters would be great with a rework, especially since water's been added in!) But yeah, I could add it in as an option so every opinion is heard.
  12. walani rework concept

    Personally, Walani is also a favorite of mine so I was also a bit worried to see her not travel into the constant alongside Warly. I really like your ideas, but I feel as though if she were to be given an attack increase while insane it should only be raised by about 10% - 15% or so as I don't feel as though someone with her level of laziness would give off too bad of a strong punch. I'd also bring down the percentage of heat and cold modifiers to about 10% as to not compete with Willow too much. I really like the idea of Walani losing sanity killing things as she seems to care about every animal deeply in the constant, whether they try to kill her or not. The idea of making her lose sanity quicker while working is also an interesting concept i'd love to experience. A few things I'd personally like to keep on Walani with a rework is her wetness durability. I feel as though since she's lived out in the elements so long that she should be waterproof. (Not resistant to cold however!) I actually am a person who enjoys the concept of her losing sanity while putting ON wet clothes - it makes a lot of sense, honestly, as I am a person who loves to go out in the rain and get soaked, however, if I have to put on wet clothes it disgusts me... The rework ideas you have are very interesting and would be pretty difficult for a newer player to handle and a bit of a fun challenge for older, more experienced players.
  13. I'm not saying that at all; I just feel like on the waters Woodlegs would have a stronger advantage than Winona, and Winona would have a stronger advantage on land than on the water compared to Woodlegs. Besides, Woodlegs wouldn't be able to create generators or catapults or any of that, he'd have his own gameplay of boat canons and treasure hunting if anything. If a boat made by Woodlegs ever needed mending, Winona would make the best person to help as she has her trusty tape with her. If anything I think Woodlegs and Winona would make a great team!
  14. I'm having an issue where, when playing with anyone - especially Woodie or Wortox - I'll slide off the boat and into the water where I then get dragged out to sea not able to eat or move. I either starve to death or get killed by Charlie. Each time I try to move I get dragged back to the same spot on the waters and spazz out. When being brought back to land I just slide right back off and into the ocean where I stand there till I end up dying of darkness or starving. Is there any way to fix this or is this just a complicated glitch?