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Wagstaff needs more stuff.

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Wagstaff is supposed to be an inventor, with a bunch of cool gadgets, but he only really has three special items. The thumper, telebrella, and basic goggles are really cool, but the other three goggles aren't that special. Two of them are just there because Wagstaff can't wear normal hats, and the fryfocals are UP. I was expecting more unique gadgets that he could use, like some method of making safe food for him without a making campfires. 

A few ideas:

Microwave oven (or something like that) : a portable thing that can slowly cook raw food like a fire, but emits no light or heat and doesn't need any fuel. Would cost electric doodad and 3 cut stone.

Rocket booster: equipped in the chest slot and gives a 50% speed boost, but durability lasts 2 seconds. When at 0%, it stops working, but doesn't break. One nitre can refuel 50% durability. Costs two electric doodads, 3 nitre, and a grass suit.

Rain repeller (eyebrella replacement): when worn on the head, allows clear seeing and 100% water resistance. The deerclops eye shoots lasers at water droplets that are above the player (I hope this isn't to hard to animate). costs 1 electric doodad, 1 deerclops eye, 1 spectogoggles.

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Wagstaff is supposed to not use any other hats than his glasses, so Rain repeller is a bad idea (use umbrella or waterproof jackets, it is how Wagstaff is supposed to play).
Microwave oven is useless because you can use wood and grass to create a campfire that lets you cook every raw food.
Rocket booster is actually interesting. It could be a cool item to use in dangerous situations, like swarmed by Rabid Beetles. The only problem would be that you have to swap this item in the middle of the fight, which is officially not proper fighting strategy (I mean Klei does not expect us to swap items when fighting, just kiting), but that is just mine opinion.

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The oven is meant to be used as a method of cooking food away from home. The only thing I hate about wagstaff is that whenever I go exploring, I need to constantly make campfires to feed myself. I always run out of wood.

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