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Please make the olephant trunks inedible

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First off, I absolutely love the game. I think the balancing of sanity, starvation and health is a delicate balancing act that makes the experience challenging and a lot of fun. There is one thing that I request, however: It was -JUST- at the beginning of winter, and I finally managed to track down an kaolephant. I killed it with 10 health remaining, and proceeded to fill my inventory with everything that dropped. I picked up the trunk and clicked on the pile of manure that was on top of it (which was just on top of me), not realizing that my inventory was full, and ATE THE TRUNK. GAH! I needed that to craft the winter jacket! Please, please make the trunk inedible so that this kind of thing cannot happen! Now my poor librarian is going to freeze to death on the first world. Oh, the humanity!Edit: I neglected the spelling of Koalephant because I forgot how it was spelled in game. Apologies for the missing brain cells.

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I had been hunting it for days.And every time I thought I had it it slipped away.But then, when I was about to give up, he revealed himself.The mighty koalefant!It was a fierce battle lasting several hours, but I won.And the I ate the goddamned trunk because my fingers slipped.:mad-new:Make it inedible!

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