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Secret Behind Learning Attribute & Interests

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Hi, the real push that made me do this experiment is @JackOverkill. So I did my experiments, the basic setup is in spoiler.



Here is how it went (you can skip to conclusion at bottom if that's what you are only interested in)

I'll present in such format: (starting learning attribute, starting tinkering attribute, interest in operate)

A: (L5, T0, A0, :()  (meaning learning 5, tinkering 0, athletic 0, no operate interest)

B: (L0, T0, A0, :(

C: (L0, T0, A0, :love_heart:)

Cycle 1 to 2

Everyone was idling, but eating sleeping and peeing. at the end of cycle 1 or beginning of cycle 2, everyone had skill experience at 335/3038, no difference.

Cycles Afterwards, they all start to run wheels as much as they can.

Tinkering: (note that I record time difference by eye, not precise, you can easily spot errors in data set, but I did nothing extra but watched and took notes)

A: reached T1 1.5 cycles later, reached T2 another 0.9 cycles later

B: reached T1 1.7 cycles later, reached T2 another 1.7 cycles later

C: reached T1 1.7 cycles later, reached T2 another 1.7 cycles later


A: reached A1 2.5 cycles later

B: reached A1 3.2 cycles later

C: reached A1 3.2 cycles later

Experience gained at cycle 2 and 3

A: 648 and 949

B: 648 and 949

C: 941 (=648 x 1.45) and 1386 ( =949 x 1.46)

My Conclusion From The Set Of Inaccurate Data

Learning boosts attribute increasing rate, Interests increases job exp rate when that job is interest-related.

Everyone has 0 tinkering 0 athletics and 0 learning and no interests in operate

Except for only A has 5 learning, and only C has operate interest.

- Idling exp are identical no matter of learning traits or interest.

- while performing same job, A's attributes increases always arrive before B and C, and only his learning is 5.

- while performing same job, C's experience increase faster and only he has interests in operate, and the increased portion is about 45%-46% ish

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