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How the heck do you tame pufts?

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Behold, a Stable with a Grooming Station, and a Dense Puflet Baby all ready to be tamed... but it seems it can't ever be tamed?

Even when they're right next to the Grooming Station, the Errands for the Grooming Station always says "No critters available"...

I can tame baby Glosslet Dreckos, so it's not something to do with being a baby...

Tried saving and reloading the game (in case it got stuck) - nothing.

Tried using a lure - the Puflet went closer, but still, "No critters avaliable"...

Tried setting priority both to 9 and to !! - nothing.

Any other ideas?




OK, never mind, it seems to have sorted itself out somehow. Happy and groomed :)

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1 hour ago, soundasleep said:

it seems to have sorted itself out somehow.

Probably the puft grew up. You can`t groom baby critters. To have tamed babies you need a tamed critter to lay an egg.

This also affects autowrangle. Baby critters won`t be autowranlged but some of them can be wrangled manually (hatchlings, drecklets).

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