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  1. In the attached save game, I've built a petroleum rocket, and apparently it's on a mission?, but it's partially rendered. The scaffolding is still there. I can't deconstruct it. So weird. EDIT: Once the mission was over, the rocket came back, and the broken scaffolding/things disappeared. Everything worked fine afterwards. The Cool Antfarm.sav
  2. I've got a Robo-miner that continually mines a Regolith block (always the top one), the block is never mined out and the miner continues forever, generating infinite heat and using infinite power... Build LU-359645 The only way to stop the miner is to mine out the block _under_ it (manually). Death Sewer.sav
  3. It looks like maybe it's because Floral Scents + Allergies are being treated (incorrectly) as Zombie Spores? My allergic dupe has "The spores!" giving them +200% stress per cycle. See also:
  4. I'm having this issue too. I think this might be why Allergies appear to be way too powerful:
  5. I've discovered a number of old bases that have "plastic" ladders in QoL 3, and I was hoping to deconstruct them and get some important early-game plastic - but there's no option to deconstruct the "plastic" ladders. But, they're clearly labelled as made of Plastic. Is this intentional? Are the ladders supposed to be made out of Neutronium instead? Transdimensional Dimension.sav
  6. In the last few hours I've had a bit more time to play with the system, it's not so bad as long as: 1) you put the dupe in their own sleeping quarters (I'm not sure if their constant coughing & sneezing wakes others up?); and 2) you prevent the dupe from ever entering any farming area, using access permissions; and 3) you understand the dupe will drop about half of everything they ever pick up, so try to keep long ladders to a minimum; and 4) you understand the dupe will be unavailable permanently about 20% of their time, and their stress will continually range between 0-90%. Or, you never have any Bristle Blossoms (or critters that feed on them) in your base.
  7. I am generally loving the revamp of diseases in QoL Mk 3! Even though my base now seems to be continually suffering from Slimelung, at least it's not deadly anymore. But I've noticed that one of the new negative traits, Allergic, seems to be really really powerful, especially in the early game (maybe until you've got a mid/late-game base that can churn out enough medicine to counteract it?). As soon as my Dupe smells a single whiff of a flower, she's basically useless until it's cured. She can't carry things up ladders without sneezing (and dropping things), she can't generate power without sneezing (and falling off), she barely manages to fend off sneezing long enough to eat anything... her stress keeps on hitting 80%+. Normally my base is fed with Bristle Blossoms, but because they generate Floral Scents, and farming is so frequently visited, my base is now almost 20% Floral Scents - at least, until mid-game when maybe I can build some better airlocks to my farms? Is Allergic supposed to be this powerful? Do I just murder the Dupe and get a new one? As it stands it's now at the top of my "Never accept this trait" list.
  8. Yep, clicking the message crashes the game for me too. Crash report submitted automatically