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More sea structures

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Pooping_Pete    44

Sea bases have become an actual option with the Home Sea Home update, adding things such as the Sea Lab, Sea yard, Buoyant chests, and Buoyant chimineas. All of these things are pretty much necessary to a sea base, but there could be more. Right now, if you were to only have a sea base, you would pretty much starve. The reason for that is because there isn't a "buoyant crockpot." Crockpots are probably one of the most important things to assist you in your survival, and not being able to use one on the sea puts you at a pretty big disadvantage. Without the crock pot, we would (and pretty much are) just cooking food like seaweed over the chiminea, which is better than nothing, but I'd wrather make meatballs instead of that.

Next I'd like to also see a "buoyant icebox." Technically we do have an icebox on the sea, but it is pretty bad. Enter the sea sack. This thing costs shark gills, so that means you would have to kill tiger shark to get it. It is basically the same as an icebox, but also worse in a lot of ways. The sea sack doesn't prevent ice and the ice cube from melting, the sea sack has 3 slots less than an icebox, and it doesn't cool down thermal stones either. I'm not asking to buff the sea sack to match these expectations, I think that would be way too good. I want an icebox on the sea. Earlier, I mentioned that thermal stones don't cool down from the sea sack. This is actually pretty bad, because that means that during dry season, there is literally no way to cool down while in the sea, a floating ice box would fix this.

Another suggestion, while not necessary like the previous two, still important though, and that is a floating Ice Maker 3000. Of course this would be kind of useless without the crockpot and icebox, which is why you should add them. This would also help the lack of defense against dry season.

I don't think that this will happen, but I would like the option to be able to build man-made islands. I'm thinking that it would be very expensive, like 5 boards for every single tile. Basically you can just walk on it like normal land. Maybe there could also be a version of this turf where the recipe also costs sand, but it allows you to change the turf on it, otherwise it'll just be planks. You should also be able to hammer it whenever you want. These not only would make sea bases that much better, but it would also we could build real bridges this time, instead of just stringing together a bunch of boats.

Finally, I'll just throw out some random thoughts I had for sea structures and explain them briefly.

-Replantable mangroves, so we can get logs on the sea. I'm hoping for something like the claw palm tree seed, where you can craft the seed and place it wherever

-Grass tufts and saplings that can be planted in the sea. Without this we would (and are) constantly running back to some beach island to restock on grass and twigs

-Some kind of palm leaf hut on the sea to prevent all wetness

-A way to stop waves from coming in our base, it is really annoying

-A lightning rod on the sea, I shouldn't even have to really ask for this

That's all the ideas I've had, hopefully they update this instead of just ignoring it forever.

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