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  1. When I tried to make a RoG world compatible with Hamlet (which is a bug I and many others have already addressed) the loading screen becomes regular Don't Starve instead of being the RoG loading screen (in case you forget, red is the normal Don't Starve color and purple is the color for RoG). Of course if it was just this, I'd practically be reposting the glitch about the RoG seasons and other elements missing. For some strange reason, even though the normal DS loading screen is taking place, it makes the sounds as if it was loading Hamlet, like when a spider pops up. Further more, when I make RoG compatible with Hamlet (or sometimes just do Hamlet), after I spawn in it keeps making the loading sound that Hamlet normally makes, and this time even louder and forever. The only way to fix this is by quitting and coming back. Thankfully it only happens sometimes, and only when it makes Hamlet loading screen noises does it ever have a chance of happening.
  2. Flying poop

    The poop is sentient, it's sliding.
  3. Cowl Exploit

    During Humid season, when the screen gets all foggy, if you put on the Cowl and zoom the camera all the way out, your screen will be zoomed out fully without any clouds covering your view and pushing you back down. Whether or not this is intentional is beyond me, but there is another step which I can safely assume as an oversight. When the fog clears, take off the Cowl and now you'll be able to see everything, no clouds, and you wont get pushed back down to the regular camera angle. (Yes I do realize that in the photo it was taken during the Lush season, but that was because the Humid season was the previous day, and that had the fog this night) If you scroll the mouse wheel again while not wearing the Cowl, the game fixes itself and returns the camera back to normal.
  4. When digging up turfs in Hamlet, most of the turfs do not show up as items, such as the Beard Hair Rug, or they are invisible, but you can still pick them up like in the picture below.
  5. Basically, when using the Old Bell near water in Hamlet, the game thinks that it is actually land even though it is not. On top of that, when using the Old Bell on a boat in water, when Big Foot lands on top of you, the game crashes and resets your game all the way back to day one, basically killing you like normal, except with the whole crashing thing.
  6. Whenever I try and make a Reign of Giants world compatible with Hamlet or Shipwrecked, it always becomes regular Don't Starve seasons instead of the usual four. I thought it was maybe just my UI mods, but after disabling them, there was still only Autumn and Winter. RoG works completely fine when I don't add any other DLC, but then again, I would much rather have both RoG and Hamlet instead of just one or the other. Oddly enough, all of the RoG crafting items (such as the endothermic campfire) are still in the game, and using console commands does not work either. In fact, the only RoG things that are here are the crafting items. None of the world biomes or enemies are here. You can still spawn those in (like you can still spawn in Goose Goose even though there is no spring) but if you wanted to play a legit play through, this does not work. However, if I start the world in Shipwrecked or in Hamlet, RoG is perfectly normal. It only happens when I start the world in RoG, like if I make it compatible with other DLC.
  7. I have bought Don't Starve for the Switch, and there seems to be a lot of bugs with it. Sometimes it just randomly crashes, the hound waves are messed up even before merging worlds, but those two are things that don't happen often, at least not everyday. One bug that really annoys me though is constant. In shipwrecked (thankfully only Shipwrecked and not RoG) the day and night themes will constantly play, and the music just gets messed up. Every. Single. Day. The actual sounds and effects are fine, but the music just falls flat. This is what it looks like: the day starts, and the music plays. Then the music for when the day starts play again. And again. It just repeats itself until it thankfully stops. Then the same thing happens at dusk, and the volcano. The worst thing it happens to though, by far, are the magic staffs. When you use a staff, it makes a magical "whoosh" sound. When you use it in shipwrecked though, it keeps playing it though. The noise is very loud, only making it worse. It doesn't happen with things like the fire and ice staff, but like the purple staff (the one that teleports you) and the volcano staff, where the character holds the staff up at the sky. It might seem like I am going on a rant, but this is every single day. I really like the Shipwreck music (the actual music, not the one repeating), and it gets cut off by this. Also I live for hundreds of days, so eventually it got to me, and here we are. The actual music (like boss music for example) doesn't repeat, only the day and night sounds, and this doesn't happen with the RoG "music" either. Also, the withered coffee plants don't seem to be usable for fire farms anymore. This isn't really a glitch, hell, it's more of a patch than anything, but I kinda wish I could just slaughter monkeys... as Wilbur. On a final note, I would like for Hamlet to be on the switch too.