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  1. More sea structures

    Sea bases have become an actual option with the Home Sea Home update, adding things such as the Sea Lab, Sea yard, Buoyant chests, and Buoyant chimineas. All of these things are pretty much necessary to a sea base, but there could be more. Right now, if you were to only have a sea base, you would pretty much starve. The reason for that is because there isn't a "buoyant crockpot." Crockpots are probably one of the most important things to assist you in your survival, and not being able to use one on the sea puts you at a pretty big disadvantage. Without the crock pot, we would (and pretty much are) just cooking food like seaweed over the chiminea, which is better than nothing, but I'd wrather make meatballs instead of that. Next I'd like to also see a "buoyant icebox." Technically we do have an icebox on the sea, but it is pretty bad. Enter the sea sack. This thing costs shark gills, so that means you would have to kill tiger shark to get it. It is basically the same as an icebox, but also worse in a lot of ways. The sea sack doesn't prevent ice and the ice cube from melting, the sea sack has 3 slots less than an icebox, and it doesn't cool down thermal stones either. I'm not asking to buff the sea sack to match these expectations, I think that would be way too good. I want an icebox on the sea. Earlier, I mentioned that thermal stones don't cool down from the sea sack. This is actually pretty bad, because that means that during dry season, there is literally no way to cool down while in the sea, a floating ice box would fix this. Another suggestion, while not necessary like the previous two, still important though, and that is a floating Ice Maker 3000. Of course this would be kind of useless without the crockpot and icebox, which is why you should add them. This would also help the lack of defense against dry season. I don't think that this will happen, but I would like the option to be able to build man-made islands. I'm thinking that it would be very expensive, like 5 boards for every single tile. Basically you can just walk on it like normal land. Maybe there could also be a version of this turf where the recipe also costs sand, but it allows you to change the turf on it, otherwise it'll just be planks. You should also be able to hammer it whenever you want. These not only would make sea bases that much better, but it would also we could build real bridges this time, instead of just stringing together a bunch of boats. Finally, I'll just throw out some random thoughts I had for sea structures and explain them briefly. -Replantable mangroves, so we can get logs on the sea. I'm hoping for something like the claw palm tree seed, where you can craft the seed and place it wherever -Grass tufts and saplings that can be planted in the sea. Without this we would (and are) constantly running back to some beach island to restock on grass and twigs -Some kind of palm leaf hut on the sea to prevent all wetness -A way to stop waves from coming in our base, it is really annoying -A lightning rod on the sea, I shouldn't even have to really ask for this That's all the ideas I've had, hopefully they update this instead of just ignoring it forever.
  2. [Game Update] - 328827

    For wheeler's downside, I'd say give her like 25% base speed, but for every inventory slot that is filled, she gets slower, probably like 5% or something. For a final downside, if her inventory is full, then she can't use dodge. Thoughts?
  3. [Game Update] - 328827

    Not to mention that the iron hulk drops a ton of rocks
  4. Wheeler isn't that good right now, she loses 5 whole inventory slots, for two half baked tools, and a slightly good mechanic. These are my thoughts on what I'd do to change her: Wheeler has a pretty big downside and not a lot of good upsides. Her dodge ability is alright, I guess. It isn't anything amazing, but it is a little nice. I think the best way to describe it would be an off brand lazy explorer. I feel like the intended use of dodge, being that you can dodge enemy attacks, is kind of pointless. I mean for the amount of effort that you put into dodging, someone else could've just kited them. Plus some people play differently than others, I kite in such a way where it only requires one hand, I press W A S D for the kiting, and then 1 2 3 4 5 for my hot keys so I can switch weapons and such. Wheeler only supports this way of playing. If I were to put my mouse over the inventory and switch weapons that way, I would be put at a disadvantage, same thing for if I were to play with a controller. I feel like they should either embrace the dodge mechanic, make it amazing, or get rid of it. I'm leaning more for the side of get rid of it, simply because it doesn't really work with certain play styles. What I would instead do is maybe buff her speed, make it 1.5x that of Wilson's normal speed. This way players can actually dodge things instead of relying on a finicky two second pattern. This would still help Wheeler get around, as some people like to use dodge as basically a lazy explorer with infinite durability, so this movement speed buff would still support that play style too. Now for her two tools, clearly they must be useful if they take up some of my inventory, of which I don't have a lot of. Well, not exactly. The navigadget is useless, straight and simple. I don't really know any good use for this thing, especially late game uses. The pew-matic horn, well it isn't useless, but that doesn't really make it good either. It is way too confusing to use, so let me explain, at least what I got from it. Depending on what ammo you put inside the weapon, it will do more or less damage. The damage numbers are as follows: 0, 17, 34, and 37. That is just weird, like who thought of these numbers? Besides, 37 damage isn't a whole lot, especially considering some of the items you can put in there, such as centapiece oincs and obsidian. Not only this, but there are other, and better, alternatives for ranged weapons too that do almost 3 times as much damage. Not to mention that because of the low damage numbers, you are going to have to reload a lot, because you can only load in 6 shots at a time (also the fact that when pressing right click to put away items, it prioritizes Wheeler's dodge mechanic, so you have to manually put items away). Unlike the navigadget, I do feel like there is some potential in this. First, buff the damage so that it is something reasonable. I'm thinking of it being like this, 0, 15, 30, 45, and 100. Zero would be the same, obviously, as in items you cannot put in it. 15 would be items that are weak and soft, such as beefalo hair, reeds, and grass. 30 would be the "default" one, where anything that stacks up to 40 and wasn't already in 15, 45, or 100 goes here. These would include items such as sticks, corks, and oincs (I'll explain later why oincs are here). 45 would be where the item would actually kind of hurt if it got shot at you, like it is hard, or pointy, such as rocks, flint, cactus, and tenpiece oinc. Lastly, 100, these would be items that are expensive, such as the centapiece oinc, gunpowder, and obsidian. So the reason I put the oincs where they are, is because right now, the pew-matic horn treats all the oincs as the same. This means that if you put in one oinc, you'll do 37 damage. If you put in a centapiece oinc, you will do the same amount of damage, effectively wasting 99 oincs. If they don't buff the damage, at least change this. Next thing I would buff about the pew-matic horn would be the clip size. Right now, you can only load six shots at a time into the pew-matic horn, which is stupid. Literally every single item that can be used in the pew-matic horn has to stack up to 40, so why not let the clip be 40? My last suggestion would probably be something new. Something like her own unique crafting tab, or maybe she can access certain areas that other characters can't or at least can't early on. I'm not very good at thinking of new concepts, unless if I wanted to be here for even longer. No matter if my ideas will be taken exactly or not, Wheeler does need a change.
  5. Right now the shipwrecked characters have little to no use in hamlet. It appears as if this was originally going to be the same thing with hamlet characters, as Wilba's and Warbuck's (at least when he was still around) upsides were all about hamlet. They've now been updated (and removed) to be playable in rog and sw, so why not the sw characters? It's about time they get an update, because all of them are garbage outside of shipwrecked. Walani - Walani is probably the character from shipwrecked most suited for hamlet. The only change I'd make is to change her surfboard recipe to that of something from hamlet. I'd suggest corks, but I'm sure there is another material better that I'm just not thinking of. I think most of Walani's problems come from the fact that she is basically the Wilson of shipwrecked. She doesn't have many good upsides, or downsides. She should be made more interesting than just "surfboard lady." Assuming that she does not change, though, I would just change her surfboard recipe. Warly - Warly is just kinda sad, he looks really cool on paper, but in practice he's terrible. Now I know the Warly patrol fanbase is gonna hate me on this one, but just hear me out. I think that my first suggestion is pretty fair, make him have some exclusive recipes outside of shipwrecked. I'm not just talking about hamlet recipes, although it applies to hamlet the most. I also want to see some recipes for Reign of Giants, or how about the caves and ruins? I am fine with Warly's harsh downsides, but I feel like he should get more options. I am asking for maybe some kind of drying rack that can also be equipped on the head slot. I think the item would look something like this https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Sammy_Cap except with some like jerky instead of a sandwich. This would specifically benefit him in hamlet because he can easily make a stalking stick right from the start, allowing him to easily gather food. Wilbur - Is there really much to say about Wilbur that isn't obvious? Allow him to befriend spider monkeys and splumonkeys already dang it! Woodlegs - Woodlegs is by far the best character in shipwrecked. However, in RoG and Hamlet, he is pretty bad. If you want to play Woodlegs, you are basically forced to start in shipwrecked (tbh this kind of applies to all of the characters, but especially Woodlegs). What's my solution? Firstly, Woodlegs should be able to craft his sea legs and lucky hat in hamlet, that's kinda the whole reason why people play Woodlegs. Obviously change their recipes to suit that of hamlet, i.e. change the dubloons to oincs, change the boat cannon recipe so that it doesn't cost coconuts and instead bramble bulbs or something. Woodlegs was made to basically live life on the sea, and he can't really do that in hamlet. There is just too much junk in the way. We should be able to remove it, whether it is through the trawl net, burning, or some third method. Even if we could remove these things legit, we would still have a problem, and that we can't craft the shipwrecked items for a sea base. Items such as the sea lab, sea yard, sea yard, and the buoyant chiminea. Either change these items when they are in hamlet so that they can be crafted with hamlet items such as iron or corks, or let us buy them from stores. Yet another problem occurs, we need tar. The only way to get tar right now is through shipwrecked, and even if we were to bring the quacken drill over to hamlet, despite there being water, we can't use it. I would say make a version of the quacken drill that lets us drill for tar or some other resource like tar. The iron hulk could nicely provide us with a new version of the quacken drill for hamlet. And while you're at it, maybe make a version of the slanty shanty where tar is in the recipe, but it allows you to build a house on the sea. That leads me into my final suggestion for Woodlegs, make it so that the sanity gain from staying indoors is great enough to counter his sanity loss from being on land. Alright, I think that's it, all four shipwrecked characters. I am not a game dev, so who knows maybe all of this is just crap, maybe it is already in development, but if there is one thing to take away from all of this, just buff wilbur already cmon
  6. You can also use it indoors, and likely die from it too. The game also crashes if you use it on a boat on a pond, and let it hit you.
  7. Basically, I put down an endothermic fire pit indoors (because houses do not provide protection against overheating and freezing, get on that), and I decided to put a carpet underneath the fire pit. After I placed the carpet, I could no longer fuel the fire pit, which kind of defeats the point of having it there in the first place. So, I thought maybe I could just remove the carpet and fuel it again. Once I hammered the carpet, the game crashed. I imagine that I could've probably hammered the endo first, and then the carpet, which I haven't really tried yet. If needed, I could provide a picture of the set up that has caused the game to crash, but I don't really think that is needed.
  8. When you are inside your house and a hound wave starts, or if you are outside and quickly make your way inside, hounds will spawn inside your house, but outside the room of your house. So they just end up glitching out, constantly chasing you forever making it impossible to sleep in that room without using the console. Also it gets annoying.
  9. When you place a spider egg indoors, the game will crash. I imagine this is because the spider "turf" that forms around the egg when placed, but because you can't change the turf indoors, the game freaks out.
  10. So currently I'm on a day 450 world, and I have turned on the beta branch for about 10 days now, day 460. When the beta is over, will my progress be kept, as in I don't have to redo that time spent, or will it go back in time to when it was day 450?
  11. Now that Klei has thankfully added the salt lick, we can actually tame beefalos!... except that they aren't really that useful. Simply put, the amount of time, resources, and effort put into beefalo if far greater than the actual reward you get from taming them. Rider beefalo is extremely useful in DST, as pretty much without one, the only movement speed you'll have is a walking cane. However, unlike in DST, Don't Starve has what I like to call hot bean juice, aka coffee. Unless you are playing Wx or Wilbur, using a beefalo will be faster, but only slightly. If you have a stalking stick, a sleek hat, and some coffee, you can already go almost as fast as a beefalo with glossamer saddle, both of which are hard to get, and riding a tamed beefalo can be pretty finicky, you can get thrown off, it can die, and you have to feed it food. Not only this, but they don't have a good use. In DST, beefalo can be really useful for hunting down and moving the clockwork marble pieces, but they don't exist in Don't Starve. Alright, so maybe you've decided that rider beefalo is pretty much pointless, so better get an ornery beefalo instead, right? Well, here's the thing; ornery beefalo do 50 damage (66 if combined with war saddle) which isn't even as much as a dark sword. To put this into perspective, you can't even one shot a spider. This might've been useful in DST where nightmare fuel is a little bit rarer, and bosses have more health, but in Don't Starve, you can just exist in the ruins to get nightmare fuel, or just plain and simple go insane. There's an even easier recipe: enter the cutlass supreme. Not only does this weapon sound like god, but it does the same amount as a dark sword, and does extra damage against Sealnado. The only use I can see the ornery beefalo has, is killing Goose Goose, but it isn't something you would tame a beefalo for, it's more of like "Oh I already have a beefalo, might as well fight Goose Goose with it." I'm not saying we should remove beefalo taming or anything, far from it. In fact, here are some of my suggestions on what you could do to help beefalo get a little bit more love. First idea is maybe make it so that beefalo can chop down trees by like ramming into them, kind of like the quackering ram in shipwrecked. I'm thinking the beefalo would probably lose health when you do this, and the obedience goes down by 0.01 like when mobs attack them. Should probably make it so that it is equal to ten chops worth, so you can't chop down a large tree or anything, but you can get pretty close. On the topic of this, you could probably also add another saddle, and it makes it so that each time you ram into a tree, it does 15 chops, able to chop down a full tree. Now this might seem like a completely random thing to add, but think of it like this: beefalo's main use in DST is getting the marble fragments to where they should be. It's a slow and tedious process otherwise. Now in Don't Starve, unless you play Woodie or Maxwell, chopping trees is slow, and boring. You shouldn't really have to play a character just so that can be fixed, so why not this method. It should be mentioned that Woodie and Maxwell would get an indirect nerf, but only slightly. They have the advantage of chopping down trees easily without the use of a beefalo. Here is my second idea: hats. We all saw the adorable treatment the duplicants got in ONI, so why not beefalos? Basically my thought is you can give a beefalo a hat, and when that hat is equiped, the beefalo will have the same stat bonus as the hat. Not only would this be adorable and that you could personalize your beefalo instead of just giving it the best saddle out there, but it could also be a good utility. The sleek hat provides a 25% speed bonus, equal to that of a walking cane, and when given to a beefalo, should provide the same effect. Because beefalo don't have any sanity, my thought is when a beefalo wears a sanity restoring hat, it goes straight to the player, which means that the pudgy beefalo can give 3 times the amount of a tam o shanter if you (the player) and the beefalo both wear tam o shanters. I'll bring this up later, but what about the beefalo hat? Well my idea is that it could be the kind of hat for the ornery beefalo, in that the beefalo hat gives a 44 damage bonus (specifically 44 so that an ornery beefalo can one shot a spider now if combined with war saddle). Now, this may be a little op, so maybe the hat should lose durability, but I'm thinking at a slower rate than normal, and you should be able to check the durability at all times. Like the saddle horn, there should probably also be a "hat-horn" instead of being able to just take off the hat and repairing it. If it is armor the beefalo is wearing, like a football helm, then it could just lose durability when it, and it would block damage like it normally would. So on the topic of sanity and the pudgy beefalo, we should be able to bring the beefalo into the caves, or maybe into the other 2 dlcs. I'm not really sure about bringing beefalo into hamlet or shipwrecked, as they aren't really fit there, but the caves and ruins could totally work. If you wear a tam, you already gain enough sanity to stop the insanity from night time, so bringing a pudgy beefalo down there would double it, and if you go with the hat idea I have, you could also put a tam on the beefalo. Not only would this be making the caves easier to explore, because you could just hold out a lantern or something while your beefalo runs really fast, but you could also use it to fight the stuff in the ruins. Ruins are full of deadly mobs, but each one isn't deadly, but rather each one in a group is deadly. Well on the topic of bringing beefalo to places they normally wouldn't be, let's talk about shipwrecked and hamlet. Both normally don't have beefalo, but could be replaced by something else. I'm talking about the Hippopotamoose and the Water Beefalo. Basically, I'm thinking that the Water Beefalo should be pretty much the same as beefalo in RoG, but they can also ride in land and water. I don't really know what should happen when they are about to throw you off, but I know you'll think of something, probably like a life-vest saddle. The hippos should be treated more like a bull than a beefalo, as in you can barely tame them and they go everywhere. Their main perk would be that they can just stomp everything, and they should feel more temporary than a beefalo. Like you can just go to the water, feed it a couple grass, put a saddle on it, and go nuts. This may seem a little op at first, but there really isn't that much to kill on the surface. Doing this would be really cool, and it would actually give some use to the saddles and stuff in hamlet and shipwrecked. Well, that's about it, I can't think of any more ideas, the TL:DR version of it is: beefalo taming is not really worth the time and effort it takes into taming them, and my ideas are to make them chop trees down easier, giving them hats, letting them have access to the caves and ruins, and maybe some different types of beefalo, like water beefalo and the hippopotamoose. P.S. Koalefants are cute
  12. When I found the Pig King, a touch stone spawned right next to him, making it impossible to take part in the Year of the Pig King event without the use of the console. Also, one of the pig heads got stuck in the pillars so perfectly, I can't hammer it down. Also please add the Steamed Ham Sandwich to DST, I don't really understand why it's a Hamlet exclusive, I mean you can find all the ingredients in the DST and even DS world.
  13. Flying poop

    The poop is sentient, it's sliding.
  14. Cowl Exploit

    During Humid season, when the screen gets all foggy, if you put on the Cowl and zoom the camera all the way out, your screen will be zoomed out fully without any clouds covering your view and pushing you back down. Whether or not this is intentional is beyond me, but there is another step which I can safely assume as an oversight. When the fog clears, take off the Cowl and now you'll be able to see everything, no clouds, and you wont get pushed back down to the regular camera angle. (Yes I do realize that in the photo it was taken during the Lush season, but that was because the Humid season was the previous day, and that had the fog this night) If you scroll the mouse wheel again while not wearing the Cowl, the game fixes itself and returns the camera back to normal.
  15. When digging up turfs in Hamlet, most of the turfs do not show up as items, such as the Beard Hair Rug, or they are invisible, but you can still pick them up like in the picture below.