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I think Willow needs to "live" the fire

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Hi everyone!
I read, like everyone, the JoeW update, and I took a few hours to think it over, before commenting.
I think Klei wants to add good things to Willow, if what they have written will allow a character with which it is easier to survive in the early stages and who can easily procure large amounts of nightmare fuel in the more advanced stages.
I am very happy indeed that they want to empower Bernie, giving him the deep utility he deserves.
But there was something that didn't satisfy me. 
It is like the feeling that Willow still does not revolve around her role, or being an arsonist.
They even want to give her the power to put out fires first and better: very useful, I understand Klei's intentions. But does it not distort the character? What has always held me back in playing Willow in DST, is that attempts to avoid fire in all its forms, like any other character. With the new update maybe a part of me wanted this thing to change: I really wanted to play a pyromaniac, I wanted the fire to become the cornerstone of my run, source of life and source of death, for a unique gameplay that only Willow could have given me .
I realize that it can be very difficult for Klei to manage a character like Willow. Their team is handling so many things during this time. But with Wagstaff, Winona, Wortox, Wormwood they have done splendid jobs in the last few months, they have given each one a unique gameplay that reflects their vocations. I believe that Willow should also be updated because she can finally be an arsonist, and benefit from that.
Here on the forum many users (myself included) have given many tips on how to make fire something really good for Willow. I absolutely do not pretend that Klei does what we have proposed, but perhaps he can take inspiration to give Willow something unique and special.
Below I will republish my old idea on how to make the fire "live", to our friend with spiral braids.
If you have other ideas on how to rotate Willow's gameplay around the fire, write them down below. Because more than balancing or power, what Willow now needs I believe is being able to be an arsonist without worrying about the consequences :D
In Klei we trust.


(With Willow we should want this, not try to avoid it or have the skills to prevent it. Klei's backgrounds also say it :D)


I think playing with Willow should lead to unique gameplay, to actively look for fire, to "live it"!
So the fire for Willow should become a uniquely positive element: immunity is essential to maintain the "soul" of the character but immunity to overheating is also necessary. An arsonist who dies of heat has never been seen. 
I also believe that a Willow player should be able to use only the fire to stay sane: we leave Scottish hair, tubas, dapper clothes and green mushrooms to others, please. Mental health is something personal, every character has their own nightmares, everyone should have special remedies to recover quickly (or not at all as a defect, as in the case of Wickerbottom).
So I think Willow should recover a Sanity +20 near the flames. Remember her have the low parameter and freezing when she has little sanity.
But in my opinion Willow shouldn't stop there, she should dare more to be really funny: Fire as weapon!
Now, in the game no one really uses fire as a weapon: it does little damage, threatens to damage the player himself and expand the flames to nearby structures, in addition to the risk of losing the loot!
But Willow should radically change the way you play in my view of things: you should want to fight with fire. But how?
Immunity is a first step, but not enough.
Let's say that if Willow hits an enemy that is on fire it deals 50% more damage. Here, this is already starting to make things more interesting.
But if, finally, Willow could even build "fiery" versions of the basic weapons?
Nothing particularly convoluted or complex: it would be enough to add a single tab for her, the "toys" tab. Here, combining each basic weapon of the game with a red gem can create an identical variant but with a reddish iridescence, with the same but features that inflict fire on enemies.
Always remember that there is always the risk of losing the loot in this way, of setting fire to nearby structures and that any teammates would have difficulty fighting together because they lack immunity. 
So overall it seems to me quite balanced, but potentially hilarious to play, as well as easy to make.
I hope that Klei will give Willow the rebalancing that merit. As lore and appearance is one of my favorite characters!


Willow should be able to have fun with the fire, play with it... look how happy she is with the idea of blowing up the world! (and look how worried Wes is behind...)


Summarizing my small proposal:

  1. Immunity to fire 
  2. Immunity to overheating
  3. High recovered sanity by the fire.
  4. + 50% damage you have fiery enemies.
  5. Possibility to build "fiery" variants of basic weapons.

The faults could be

  1. Freezing damage when she goes crazy
  2. Freeze (very) faster in winter


(To be, or not to be the fire immunity... this is the problem! No, it's not a problem, she need immunity to fire)


And Bernie? 


Personally, I have never felt the need: there is already Wendy with a companion (Abigail) and Willow, I repeat, I think it should revolve mainly around the fire and not a follower.
I can understand that many Bernie like it, it is very nice the idea of a teddy bear that comes alive to protect she from the shadows, Klei has certainly done something very sweet.
But I repeat, I have difficulty appreciating this with the role that Willow (in theory) should have.
Bernie can remain as a "bait" for shadows, without being further enhanced. I don't feel the need that Bernie to be stronger for how I changed Willow


And the lighter?

That too has never been really useful.

I'm sorry to say, but I've always preferred to build torches than to use it, for the greatest ray of light :lol:
It can stay like a portable fire to cook food, I don't think it needs anything else, as I changed Willow



(I would like to conclude with a Willow fan art that, in my opinion, perfectly embodies what should be the spirit of her character: a young woman with the complex of pyromania and who uses fire to survive and overcome the horrors of Constant.
Unfortunately I ignore the author of this beautiful drawing, if someone should know, let me know and I will add it.)

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I feel like you hit everything on the nail, with the exception of freezing when insane, which is something that we're trying to move away from.

Also, personally I'd like a perk that reduces the amount of items turned to ash when set on fire by Willow, or maybe even disallow mobs slain by Willow's fire to drop ash. I feel like that, along with the combat advantages with fire, would boost her up to be on par with most of the cast.

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6 hours ago, Canis said:

I feel like you hit everything on the nail, with the exception of freezing when insane, which is something that we're trying to move away from.

thank you very much!
"Freezing how crazy" I wrote it because I referred to the current Willow. Personally it has always seemed to me a sensible malus, even if I understand that many people find it annoying.
More than anything I wanted something that balanced the great gain of sanity with fire; but a more original and stimulating defect is welcome.
I believe, however, that even that should revolve around the use, or not, of fire.

6 hours ago, Canis said:

Also, personally I'd like a perk that reduces the amount of items turned to ash when set on fire by Willow, or maybe even disallow mobs slain by Willow's fire to drop ash. I feel like that, along with the combat advantages with fire, would boost her up to be on par with most of the cast.

It is certainly a very useful thing, but I confess that it seems too "simple" to me. let me explain: fire also fascinates for its uncontrolled destructive power. I liked the idea of a Willow who didn't have full control of her power, and risks losing the loot.
However I would not complain if Klei included this feature for Willow :D
(I think the problem, however, is that the fire destroys every object except meat. Non-flammable Loot should remain intact regardless)

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