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[Mod Help] Character's perks do not work properly

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I've just finished my character, but I'm encountering a crash when I select him in-game.

This is the crash: https://imgur.com/a/lJyLuqR

I've used BraveChicken's Tutorial on how to make basic perks but I've noticed they are made for DS/RoG/SW. Could the perks I've put work in DST with some modifications or do they work anyway but I've applied them wrong?

Thank you for your time!



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Well if you can read, you can see that Getclock () doesnt work. Thats  because GetClock isn, t used in Dst but instead something like TheWorld.state. I'd redo a lot of things since DS is much different from DST.

(Sorry this isnt helpful enough. Im on mobile rn and I will return to help you more)

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