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Range of Grooming Station?

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Since the latest patch pushes the Grooming Station into a Stable, I can't figure out how to make it work.   I set one up to groom shine bugs near my bristles.  To make it a "stable", I put in two walls & pneumatic doors, with the doors set to "open", so the shine bugs can fly in and out.  There is a feeder at the far side of the bristle farm.  The greenhouse room is across a vertical shaft with ladder, so its door is 4 tiles away from the door to the stable. 

My rancher won't even go to the station to try to groom bugs.  If I remove all of her priorities except "ranch", she just stands idle.  I've seen YouTuber's videos from just before this recent hotfix where their Rancher would call a shine bug from quite a long range to come get groomed, although their bugs might have already been tamed.

Help?  Do I need to add another feeder next to the grooming station?

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