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Overlays on top of overlays should be overlays "beside" overlays.

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When you are going through your materials to find some that may be in containers or on the ground.
You select the item and it directs you to it but if it's in a container. The container overlay prevents you from continuing on your search without 1st closing the container.
Move the container overlay either to the left of the materials list or to the left.

Selecting dupes and consumable, priorities.
When you want to see consumables that, what you want to see. That should be the main focus of the screen.
I want to see all the foods without having to scroll through left to right.
Would be nice if it were taller as well to allow at least 8 maybe more dupes to fit on 1 screen. There is enough room.
Move the dupe overlay to the far left so I can see both at the same time.

Also the auto reset. You scroll down to read dupe info to find what they are carrying or how much in the atmo suit. What type of clothing they are wearing.
Going through the consumables priorities and then all the sudden it auto resets to the top.
Please turn that off.

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