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Moded Weapon animation (Don't starve together)

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4 hours ago, Tredfr546yuy6 said:

Hey is there a way to make a weapon's-tool's animation a punch from the script (*.lua). 

And if the answer is: Use "custom animation template" how can I make it exclusive to this weapon, find and use the default punch animation? 

Hi! Welcome to the forums, this question would be better in the mod discussion.
Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to your question, but some folks down there might!

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I think the reason you're not getting a lot of traction here, is that the question is not very well-formed. Help us understand.

You want to replace the attack/chop animation of a weapon or a tool to be a punch animation from...which script? And is this for a custom character, or do you want to change the animation for anyone using the weapon / tool? Is this item a part of your mod, or is it an existing item in the game? Specifics and details about what you're trying to achieve are vital, if we are to find a solution for you.

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