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Watched Pot Syndrome

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It appears that if I'm not watching my oxygen supply, the bottles don't off-gas as much as they should.  This used to be a problem and it appears to once again be a problem.  Here's a SS of a report from while I was working down near the oil biome for most of a cycle:



Here's a SS of the following cycle where I was mostly messing around in the main part of my base. 



My oxygen production area is self-contained and only has dupe interaction every 10 cycles or so, which means that nothing with the production changed except that I was more focused on the primary part of my base.  The difference in power use is due to new machines in the oil biome turning crude into petrol and plastic, so is not related to the oxygen generation.


Has anyone else using polluted water off-gassing for O2 production noticed this as well?  

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