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A Tough Task

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I know this is a big job but i'd really appreciate it if someone stepped up and made a mod like this for me

So I've been getting a lot of cave lag recently and i know that the reason my computer is struggling is because of the multiple shards so if anyone could make/show me a mod like this then that'd be greatly appreciated. It'd be a mod which would cause the caves to generate on the surface but disconnected from the forest (like how the atrium is disconnected from the ruins) and caves entrances would act like wormholes and would teleport you to the caves islands. if there is a way to keep the caves dark all the times even though they're on the surface then that would also be great.


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It's either impossible or a massive, and (to me) unfathomable, task. I doubt anyone will do that amount of work without having a huge desire for exactly this functionality themselves. Omaremad74 is right, it won't help to keep posting the same new thread or to keep bumping them. Most if not all of the active people on here have seen the threads, and either ignored them or voiced their reluctance to make the mod.

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