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Hamster wheels for Critters

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Credits to the original idea from reddit here.



Like the ones used by dupes to generate energy.

It could be a small variant randomly used by the pets when bored, making them happier, generating a small amount of energy, maybe even making them a little more hungry.


I would however suggest that instead of energy, the critter using the building gets a happiness boost.


Building should not work under water.

Air critters should not be able to use the building.

The balancing of the happiness boost can be managed by extending the amount of time critters need to use it.


Benefits of this building

Gives a purpose to all that unused empty boring space in a hatch or slickstair farm. 

Allows players to give extra love to critters, balancing out the players who make death farms XD

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I would like different toys for different critters, wheels that generate happyness and power for hatchs, trees or hanguing places for flyers, little pools for dreckos, some sort of co2 gas bubble to make sliksters fly. Imaggination going wild :).

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