Character Suggestion: Early Concept Wilson

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Hey there fellow survivors, I am here to suggest something pretty simple. We all have seen the early conecpt art of the game. In them, we found some ideas for Wilson, and one in particular, could be put in-game.Image: post-10402-13764591478184_thumb.jpgPerk: As you can see in the picture, the ealy Wilson would look different as the hungy meter went down, so this could be his perk in-game, the more hungrier, the more his appearance would change and the worst perfomance he would get while doing some actions (chop tree slower for example).Name: It can´t be Wilson, sooo....Wolsun? Maybe.Post you thoughts and ideas below.

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No i don't like seeing him go from that happy joyful face to that terrified starving face its kinda sad and makes you feel sorry for him.

Well, this is fine, but Don´t Starve is not the kind of happy game, and the devs said that they wanted to make you feel alone and lost in the island.
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