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Clothing changing stations

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I really like the idea of the warm sweaters and cool vests:

  • They make great sense as a stepping stone to exosuits.
  • They're a great early-mid to mid-game use for reed fibers.
  • Even once you have exosuits, you don't need them for most of the asteroid if you're careful about polluted O2 and give your dupes places to breathe along the way. So it would make sense to use cool vests for the ice biome, for instance, and use exosuits only for the oil and space biomes. (This seems more realistic too. You don't need a space suit to visit Minnesota!)

However, this isn't practical. If I have a job in the ice biome, I need to tell someone to put a warm sweater on and make sure that ONLY THAT DUPE has access to the job. When they're done, I need to tell them to take the warm sweater off and put their snazzy suit back on (if they have one). It's too impractical, so I never use the sweaters/vests, which is a shame.

I think the best solution is clothing changing stations. You'd have a clothing checkpoint, just like for exosuits. And a wardrobe (or locker!) next to it to hold the clothes. I think one wardrobe could hold several dozen items, since these are just shirts. They don't require any power or O2, which feels pretty balanced to me.

With that setup, a checkpoint going into the ice biome would tell them to put on the sweater, and a checkpoint going out would tell them to put their snazzy vest back on. (This could get tricky, since the snazzy vest would just be lying on the floor when they take it off, instead of sitting in a wardrobe. But maybe the snazzy vest goes into the wardrobe when they take it off. I can think of a few other workarounds, too.

Some drawbacks and balance considerations:

  • The caustic biome isn't hot enough to usually require cool vests, so that'd need some balancing to make them worth it.
  • Hypothermia is too easy to just put up with right now. No real drawbacks imo.
  • I wouldn't want my dupes to have to change clothes just because they're walking through a biome. That would slow them down a lot if they had to change 4 time times just to get to the other side of the map. My solution is that heat/cold effects shouldn't set in immediately. Most biomes are small enough that they'll be fine just passing through, but if they're doing work in there, they'll need something extra. Another solution is to make the clothing change happen more quickly than the exosuit change. That might be better, since a biome you're just passing through today might be one you're digging in tomorrow.
  • This would somewhat nerf the snazzy suits, since they wouldn't be wearing them as often, but I'm OK with that. And no one is forced to do it this way -- you can use exosuits everywhere if you want!

I'm not 100% sold on the idea, but I think it could work!

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2 hours ago, Sasza22 said:

This idea keeps comming back. I think it would make the suits more usable and with some heat transfer addjustments on the dupes they might be worth it. Keeping hopes up for next upgrades.

Atmo Suits , i'm so sick of this dupes that don't put them back on the his stations. 

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