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Winter changes


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So the new damage for weapons are spear 50->33, spike 75->49,5dark sword 87,5->66armor islogsuit and football helmet is 200 health down from 300beekeeper hat got 500 health instead of 1000night armour got 400 health instead of 500wes is still 0,75x wilson damage and wolfgang is still 1,5xThe new dart does 33 damage, same as a spear attack.Enjoy winter guys, it is gonna be fun. :)-edit-Tools hit for 26,4, so tools are very close to spear atm.Deerclops got 2000 health (Treeguard got 2000 health as well, spider queen got 1250)Deerclops does 150 damage per attack, so armor breaks FAST. (same as treeguard)He also got attack period 3, same as spider queen but alot longer range.Penguins got 150 health and does 33 damage per hit.Big walrus got 150 health, melee hits for 33 and ranged hits for 15Small walrus got 100 health and melee hits for 22, ranged hits for 15Also you can decide what mosquitos do with the infoMOSQUITO_WALKSPEED = 8,MOSQUITO_RUNSPEED = 12,MOSQUITO_DAMAGE = 3,MOSQUITO_HEALTH = 100,MOSQUITO_ATTACK_PERIOD = 7,MOSQUITO_MAX_DRINKS = 4,MOSQUITO_BURST_DAMAGE = 34,MOSQUITO_BURST_RANGE = 4,12 run speed, terrorbeak is 7.

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