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Toggling post processor mod

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I'd like to add a toggle key(if it's even possible) on a post processor disabler mod, I know very little about modding in this game and I'd appreciate a little help (Trying to understand and learn by looking at already existing mod codes)

I added both modmain.lua and modinfo.lua files

modinfo.lua is already modified for the toggle keybind

My first language isn't english, so sorry if I wasnt clear enough
Thanks in advance



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To edit my mod to have the support for this feature, you would need to make it so that the NullFunction isn't a blank function anymore, but rather is a function that records the last arguments to each of these metatable indexes being hooked.

In these recording functions you would also be checking for if the hotkey was toggled and to either apply the last known value or the default value.


I've been busy as of late, so I won't get something like this created and uploaded to the workshop in the near foreseeable future.

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