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  1. i want to use different files for my mod that changes the moggles vision but the playervision.lua changed in the beta, causing crash. I have 2 playervision.lua for different updates and i want to switch between them if needed instead of having 2 different mods i know about this but i dont what i need to change at --[[ Insert Return of Them beta content here ]] if CurrentRelease.GreaterOrEqualTo(ReleaseID.IDs.R08_ROT_TURNOFTIDES) then --[[ Insert Return of Them beta content here ]] end location - modname/scripts/components/playervision.lua there is current nothing written in modmain since it just replaces the playervision component
  2. So there was a mod on the workshop that got deleted, and it doesnt exist anymore and i really liked that mod(debug/testing map- believe me or not i dont really care if you think im using it to cheat) it changes the player vision to the moggle vision it uses a simple code but i lost it, id like to know what i did wrong with the following file. if i change something it crashes and if it doesnt it doesnt do anything Managed to change the nightvision color but if the local night vision absolutely needs the moggle filter i can make a new colour tube set with the moggle filter Currently it crashes cause of a inst error? [00:00:44]: [string "../mods/Nightvision/modmain.lua"]:15: attempt to index local 'inst' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: ../mods/Nightvision/modmain.lua:15 in (field) fn (Lua) <10-26> scripts/events.lua:46 in (method) HandleEvent (Lua) <42-49> scripts/input.lua:189 in (method) OnRawKey (Lua) <184-191> scripts/input.lua:396 in () ? (Lua) <395-397> Thanks in advance Managed to do it myself : local _G = GLOBAL local function GetKeyFromConfig(config) local key = GetModConfigData(config) return key and (type(key) == "number" and key or _G[key]) end local function InGame() return ThePlayer and ThePlayer.HUD and not ThePlayer.HUD:HasInputFocus() end _G.TheInput:AddKeyUpHandler(GetKeyFromConfig("nv"), function () nvk = not nvk if nvk == true then _G.ThePlayer.components.playervision:ForceNightVision(true) _G.ThePlayer.components.talker:Say("Night Vision enabled") else _G.ThePlayer.components.playervision:ForceNightVision(false) _G.ThePlayer.components.talker:Say("Night Vision disabled") end end ) night vision
  3. I made a mod that changes the Beefalo horn sound(Got the help of IronHunter) But I wanted to add multiple sounds effect depending on the settings Here is my current modmain.lua file, but it doesnt work(the version without the settings options works)(still the classic Beefalo horn sound effect) (at the bottom was if i wanted to make the changes manually but my firends dont know how to manually change it so i wanted to add options for it to make it simplier) Yeah it changes the horn sounds to REE(or another form of REE) or MLG air horn (thats not a P its a H) Thanks in advance Edit: Removing the "," after the ) fixes a crash EDIT2: Managed to do it myself------------- modmain.lua
  4. I also managed to add options so that you can choose between the three sounds without changing it in the modmain.lua edit:nevermind need to change it manually (realized that after restarting the game) But the post is not about that so Thanks @IronHunter
  5. Wow that was quick. now it makes the normal horn sound unless i need to change the path for them in the assets part? i created a folder for each sound to not make the sound folder too messy. So i dont need to add the folder the fev and fbs are located in? Would it be easier without folders to separate the sound Nvm it work i forgot to add the "sound/" at the start of the path finding location(does that make sense?) also will need to change something with the fmod folder cause it plays it continuously unless you leave the game
  6. So I made everything and added the path to the files in the modmain.lua and when play the horn it makes no noises Maybe i did something wrong with the Fmod software i also added option for different sound option but it didnt seem to work:(I'm pretty sure i did something wrong here but i dont know what) sound = (GetModConfigData("sound")) if sound == 0 then RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/common/horn_beefalo", "-dont know if i can be kicked for writing offencive thing-_REE_HORNf/fnree/fnree/fnree") end elseif sound == 1 then RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/common/horn_beefalo", "REE_HORNf/REE/REE/REE") end elseif sound == 2 then RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/common/horn_beefalo", "MLG_HORNf/airhorn/AHMLG/airhorn") end Horn costum
  7. I want to change a sound(beefalo horn sound) by another, but 1: I need to know what is its name(the beefalo horn sound location) in the game and 2: I need to create 2 files (fsb and fev) for the new sounds effect(done) Edit + 3: I need to convert my mp3 sound effect into the fev or fsb files(done) When I look how to open .fev or .fsb files on the internet it says it has to be opened with the FMOD designer but how do I even open them with it? Am I missing something? Help
  8. The post helped me alot thanks, I also managed to make it without using the code of the mod you were talking about. But still, thank you.
  9. I'm new to modding(Know very little) and im learning from looking at other's mod codes I used 2 mods and put them together to be one (they kinda do the same thing) I want to change the freezer's building radius(how close it can be built to another building) I included the 2 mod lua and the prefabs lua (In "scrips") tell me know if you need another file modinfo.lua modmain.lua dryfreezer.lua rotbox.lua
  10. I'd like to add a toggle key(if it's even possible) on a post processor disabler mod, I know very little about modding in this game and I'd appreciate a little help (Trying to understand and learn by looking at already existing mod codes) I added both modmain.lua and modinfo.lua files modinfo.lua is already modified for the toggle keybind My first language isn't english, so sorry if I wasnt clear enough Thanks in advance modmain.lua modinfo.lua
  11. and more my dupe get chilly surrounding at 31.3
  12. Otto has chilly surrounding effect at 23 C like all my duplicants She wear Warm suit(don't work if you save, reload the game) My map Asteroid.sav (Config) OS:Win10 64 Bits CPU:AMD A10-7400P Radeon R6, 10 Compute Core 4G+6G 2.50 GHz (x64) GPU: 6 GPU Radeon graphics :ASUSTek Computer Inc. :X550ZA Sorry for my non-perfect English (I'm french)