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  1. I wish we could disallow manual use for all the containers, That would be keep dupes from doing the delivery that the autosweeper could have done in 2 secs if that single duplicant on the other side of the map didnt decide to deliver that 20kg of refined carbon.. Like a little check box Autosweeper Take things out Yes Put things in No Duplicants Take things out No Put things in Yes I think that would allow us to build more efficient builds that dupes won't interfere with, and waste time
  2. When i start a new save on Arboria i rush the rust deoxidizer research, i also pick a good digger as soon as i can (newly spawned dupes always have 1 free skill point) so i can have a dupe that can dig granite to get rust, i always manage to get rust deoxidizer before cycle 4(if i can get a ok digging dupe at cycle 3) they should def add a way to make oxygen without needing to exit the main biome on forest starting maps
  3. Chilly surrounding at 20 C

    and more my dupe get chilly surrounding at 31.3
  4. Otto has chilly surrounding effect at 23 C like all my duplicants She wear Warm suit(don't work if you save, reload the game) My map Asteroid.sav (Config) OS:Win10 64 Bits CPU:AMD A10-7400P Radeon R6, 10 Compute Core 4G+6G 2.50 GHz (x64) GPU: 6 GPU Radeon graphics :ASUSTek Computer Inc. :X550ZA Sorry for my non-perfect English (I'm french)