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In the curio carbonate i am unable to fine any of the skins, icon or back grounds i have acquired. 



Edit my steam is link to everything.

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Mr.Mulk    1,113

Hello @OneEyedGreenFox! There are some things that may be your issue.
Foremost when you acquired the drops and launched the game did it tell you "Thanks for Watching Twitch" and have a gift icon with "Open Now" containing the drops?
If not then your issue is that your Twitch and Klei accounts aren't properly linked, and/or the stream you watched didn't have drops enabled (which will be marked by this:
If the stream doesn't have this beneath the title and/or you haven't linked your Klei and Twitch accounts you won't receive drops.
To Link your accounts visit: where you'll be prompted to log in via whichever platform you use, then tab over to the "linked accounts" page and link your Twitch from there.

If you have received the gift notifications and gotten the drops in-game they'll be located under "belongings."image.thumb.png.45041f73693b52968cc99ef293b31b3c.png

Or Alternatively visible in your Steam Inventory under Don't Starve Together and the "Sideshow Collection"




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