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  1. The beta wont work for my friend, the drop down doesn't show the beta.
  2. The game has become slow when moving mouse and transitioning to a different page.
  3. When i go into any house or shop in hamlet i hear the sound of flys even though there is no piggy poop in the house/shop.
  4. In the curio carbonate i am unable to fine any of the skins, icon or back grounds i have acquired. Edit my steam is link to everything.
  5. Item collection problems

    I was looking on the curio cabinet of all the skins i have and it only shows the forge,hallows night, Christmas and vanilla skins. it doesn't show the skins i have gotten from twitch drops or the ones i have bought such as all the gorge collection or the pop figure skins. Another problem is that the profile icon doesn't show, it just the basic grey icon.
  6. Profile Icon not showing

    mine isn't showing