I wanna smile at pixels.

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Okay, let me start with the story about my first smallbird. I loved the idea of having a companion, so when the patch came out, I promptly got my hands on a Tallbird egg and spent days and nights hatching it, making sure the temperature was just right. It was a long wait, but eventually, out popped a smallbird and it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen (which is funny, cos I find Tallbirds disgusting). At night when I wandered too far, he'd wake and hop over to where I was (even thought he was going to peck me), and that made me smile, so I made up my mind not to wander too far from him at night.

On our first day, we went to gather twigs and berries, and I discovered that he could attack birds and jackalopes. Hearing that warcry chirp of his was priceless. Again I smiled and made a mental note not to put him in danger, so no more attacking pigmen or beefaloes. So on my way back to base, I absent mindedly walked over toothtraps which I'd built to keep Hounds at bay. And it happened, my smallbird died walking over the toothtraps because he didn't know better. My heart sank, I had only myself to blame. And ever since, I've not hatched another smallbird... why? Well because then I won't think my first Smallbird was special anymore because the second would act exactly the same.

What I'm trying to get at is this. If indeed Don't Starve is about creating a rich, deep and personal experience then please implement unique and rare behaviours for some of the mobs. Pigmen are intelligent (look at the pig shelters lol), yet they all act the same and ask for food or run away from you and that's fine, but what would happen if once in a blue moon, a pigman came up to you and gave you a flower he'd just picked up? Don't know about you, but I'd smile. I'd normally not give pigmen meat unless I want them as footmen, but if a pigman did that, I'd be happy to call him friend and I'd give him a hat and to me he's special. Another example is, say you're wandering around in winter and you happen across a Tallbird. It's winter, he's dying and nestled around his egg. You walk up to him, but he doesn't attack you like all the other Tallbirds. He looks at you, then looks at his egg. The Tallbird gives the egg a gentle nudge and it rolls off the nest and lands at your feet. He gives a long sad wail, he wants you to care for it and raise it in his place. And as you take the egg, his eye closes and he's dead, frozen in place (you can come back and his body will still be there). So now you have this Tallbird egg, are you going to eat it? I'd take it home and hatch it, and this particular smallbird turns out to be the most annoying lil pecker ever (randomly eats berries from my bushes!) I'd still care for it. It's kinda my responsibility now.

I'd like to smile more when playing Don't Starve. But it's hard to care about any of the inhabitants/characters in Don't Starve and that's disappointing for a single player game that's trying to offer immersion and deep personal experiences... The examples I've given are just examples, but I hope you get the idea...

Another problem I have with this game is, when I die, I'm slightly annoyed. But that's not what I'd like to feel. I don't have a problem with dying but if I die on day 200, all that greets me is a 'YOU ARE DEAD!' screen and an XP bar. I'd like to reflect on the journey and feel like I've just played through a unique story. So maybe show me a short movie of all the important events that have happened. My first smallbird. First time befriending a pig. Running away from a treeguard. Etc... Make it a quick montage (NO HUD PLS), with music appropriately sombre/bittersweet. This movie ending would only trigger if you've survived long enough and have had enough unique experiences (so it kinda relates to my earlier suggestion about unique behaviour).

Pretty long post. Sorry for the walls of text.

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