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A Simpler Automation To Move Morbs (and Hatches & Geckos)

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goatt    250

This method uses critters' self-preservation. You drown them and they escape to the only high ground. I haven't test if they go back when the door opens, and i don't know how to test it cuz I don't know how to use sandbox mode to copy paste things. But I believe it won't be able to.


Things you might want to know in spoiler


Trivial Things:

  1. The mechanized airlocks are built this way to ensure no water gets deleted in whatever order they close.
  2. Water on the toilet room floor won't get cleaned, so no one is gonna help your or my OCD.
  3. Morb didn't get killed in water when I counted up to 12 s and released it. So it should be safe.
  4. 4 blocks water, at least enough to drown it.
  5. You should be able to keep the dryness in toilet room if you add more automation. But I'm good for now. I'm having flu, it cured my OCD temporarily

Below is automation, I believe I set weight plate to below 10 kg.


Same for hatch



Similar for gecko


Since geckos do not necessarily rest on floor, I used critter sensor to replace weight place, basically same thing. You can see that geckos are more difficult



If you want to kill the escaping critter, simply lock the pneumatic door. Once it's dead and auto-sweeper suck out the meat, the system will go back to default state.

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