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Item/Crockpot/General Ideas

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I had some ideas for new Hamlet items or foods, so I will post them here.

Crockpot Recipes:


Black Rainforest Cake: 1 Brown Piko, 2 sweetner, and 1 fruit (no room for filler). Adding Dragonfruit will result in Dragonpie. No meats or vegetables. (Brown Pikos are now considered as 1 unit of sweetner in all crockpot recipes)

Stats: 45 Hunger, 5 Health, 50 Sanity. For 3 minutes, the player will regenerate Sanity at a rate of 19 per minute (Obvious Portal references in the character quotes). This may be a bit of a biased choice since Portal is one of my favourite games, but since Klei already referenced Steamed Hams I don't think it's much of a stretch.

Lotus Vinagrette: 1 Blossoming Lotus Flower, 1 vegetable. No meats or sweetners. (Lotus Plants now "bIossom" in Humid season. They restore more stats and can be used in the crockpot unlike their unblossomed counterpart) I already mentioned this recipe on another tread, but I will mention it again.

30 Hunger, 35 Health, 5 Sanity. It would be one of the advantages of Humid Season, as you would be able to mass produce healing items.

Mashed Tubers: 2 Blooming Tubers. No Ice, Twigs or Meats. 

37.5 Hunger, 30 Health, 3 Sanity

Fried Tubers: 2 Blooming Fried Tubers. No Ice, Twigs or Meats. 

37.5 Hunger, 3 Health, 30 Sanity

Hedge Salad: 2 or more Clippings and 1 or 2 Twigs. Nothing else can be used.

8.5 Hunger, 10 Health, -10 Sanity (Hedge clippings aren't very palatable, especially if they have twig bits on them)

Seedy Tart: 2 Cooked or raw Seed Pod, 1 fruit. No Ice, Meats or Vegetables.

20 Hunger, 10 Health, 5 Sanity, protects from Hay Fever for 3:30 minutes.


Craftable Items: 


Aloe Paste: Science Tier 1.1 raw Aloe, 2 Cork and 2 Rot (Looks like a cork bowl with a greenish oil inside of it). Restores 25 Health when used and gives immunity to burns for 20 seconds. (I can see this becoming very useful for Wormwood)

Hippo Helm: Science Tier 2. 2 Hippopotamoosee Antlers, 2 Alloy and 1 Pig Skin and . Offers 85 percent damage absortion and increases damage to x1.25 percent.

Spiky Suit: Science Tier 2. 6 Platapine Quills, 1 Log Suit. Offers 80 percent damage absortion damages enemies for 30 damage when hit, can be used to befriend Platapines with Lotus Flowers (each Lotus Flower gives 2 minutes of loyalty). Platapines can attack enemies and will water any neaarby Crops and Nettles. Platapines constantly shake their quills off so you don't have to kill one to obtain this item. 

Boat Repair Kit: Same recipe as SW, but uses Platapine Quills instead of Stingers

Feather Hat: 3 Peagawk Plumes, 1 Thunder Feather, 3 Silk. Looks different than the RoG Feather Hat.

General Suggestions: 

4 Oincs can be melted in the Smelter to obtain one Gold Dust.

4 Ten-Piece Oincs can be smelted to obtain an Alloy.

Flammable items can be smelted. They wil turn to Ash once the animation is over.

The Deli sells Steamed Hams Sandwiches for 20 Oincs.

Deconstruction Staves can be used in crockpot foods to return all of the ingridients. The freshness of the ingridients will be the same freshness of the crockpot food. 

Worker Pigs give 5 Oincs for an Alloy.

Diseased Rainforest Trees drop 3 Logs and 2 Rot when chopped down.

Intricate Topiaries, Lawn Decorations and Hedges can now be crafted. They are found in the City Planning tab.

In the Gas Rainforest biome, Snaptooths will have appear diseased, inflict poison and have half of their normal hitpoints, Mants will take 20 damge per second and Rabid Beetles and Dung Beetles will die instantly.

Pig Houses built in the Cultivated Turf will become Farmer Houses.


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