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Steam turbine working

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Hi guys, i'm kinda new, i came back to the game last month ish, after months inactivity.

I tried to look for designs for steam turbine and volcano, i could see potencial, had hard time making it work, didnt find much online (a lot of people think its not worth it). Yes i used debug a bit: going in there hot is hot, it's my first ''real game'', i like the map and want to learn with this one.

so, in a few lines:
-Vaccum and exo to go in the volcano once every 90 ish cycles to destroy rocks. You lock it behind (with insulated tiles) your dupe and make him clean everything and come back.
-Pump for water set for 10k pressure or less (for when volcano is about to explode, but 95%+ off, but was main source of steam earlier)
-Pump for steam set for 17500k pressure (when  you reach 20k it stall in pipes and break due to cooling, putting it at 17.5k gives time to steam to get inside)
-Pump for radiant pipe of polluted water to condense steam, and since i have too much water, i have another door that can dump steam in space if pressure reach 20k


I get much power from this, i dont know, net 600-800w  and its completely free. Main issue is radian pipes polluted water willl get hot over time, but i could simply dumb steam in space since i have too much water,

I hope it helps,



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Well, it's also for heat deletion, but i couldve just lock the volcano. I still didnt get any super coolant, but i guess it will make things easier in that way. Since i didnt play much i cant see the end game strategies yet :P.

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@inkball if you do not have it already, this is a good reference:

I would suggest blocking all but one of the input ports on the steam turbines and remove the gas pump and high pressure vent. The gas pump is very inefficient in transporting mass, the liquid pump is much better. You can create a steam chamber under you first steam generator that is very high. My current steam generator setup has 600 kg of pressure in it. Gas pressure does not (currently) break tiles. You can allow high pressure to build up while the volcano is active, and then run that pressure down while it is dormant.

If you can manage to keep an offshoot of the magma room under 538°C, then you could create a petroleum lock instead of destroying tiles every 90 cycles.

One trick I have used in the past with volcanoes is to surround the entire volcano with tiles (ones that won't melt) and then leave a one tile high opening just above the neutronium on the left or right. This allows for magma to flow out, but doesn't let any gasses in so the volcano never over pressurizes.

If you can get the magma to solidify in a room under 275°C, then consider adding a steel robo-miner and steel auto-sweeper so your duplicants do not have to go into that room anymore.

Another trick I've never used myself is to use doors to transfer heat. Essentially enclosed mechanical airlocks will conduct heat when closed, but will not when open (because of the vacuum they create). This can be used to regulate heat transfer to a steam chamber.

Lots of ideas! Just remember that there's no real optimal build; it all depends on what you want to do and how you want to handle the heat. I like that you said that you want to learn with your current map; I do the same thing! That's one reason I don't actually make it to space, I get distracted by new ideas and concepts.

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