[Suggestion] Ingame challenge tracker for many players

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This idea has been in my head for a while, so I decided to share it here.While multiplayer is not something I'm expecting, I would want some sort of ingame challenge tracker that would synchronize with chosen players.How it woudl work:ingame you go to a certain menu, pick friends you want to invite into the challenge, pick the rules for it and set it up. The game would on it's own update the status of the challenge and share it between players as they go. When someone woudl complete the challenge it would save it and give a progress report to the other players.Example:Who kills 3 spiderqueens fastest.Players synch it and start game. Player A dies on day 15 so he's out of the challenge. Player B has to go to sleep, so has to pause the game. Player C kills 3 spiderqueens on day 50.The next real-day player B returns and kills 3 spiderqueens on day 45.The game sums it up after all the players conclude the challenge and deems player B victorious.I know it's possible to do it outside the game, but if you could do it ingame I feel the incentive would be much greater. And it would be some interesting interaction.Thoughts?

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