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Additional Research Tiers for buildings

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I'm thinking that end game most of what we're doing is still clunky and makes a mess. Power plants and aquatuners for example.

We're sending rockets into space and no one has invented a way to hook up a hose to this damned power plant so I don't have to build a sump pit? And aquatuners are 14 degrees take it or leave it. Well maybe I could do half of that. Terrariums? I guess if you want a pipe hookup at cycle 3,000 then go for it. See where I'm going with this? I'm looking at you polymer press. What else cold we upgrade? Possibilities are endless! Ventilation pumps that actually pump 1kg? Hell yea!  Super mega awesome decor bonus artwork? I could...sorta get behind this. Those doors being able to be made from ceramic? Should be in the other tree, but I'd take it here.

What else am I going to do with all these data banks? Let me spend them on something useful like this. Or trade enough for a vasc recharge.

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5 hours ago, I_Link_I said:

Also some reaserch for a Material in the molekularforge that is hard as  steel but lets you look trough and See space(meteor detection ,interstellare research)

Transparent aluminium from Star-trek. That would be sweet.

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