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Retrieving items with Trawl Net?


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According to the Wiki, using a Trawl Net allows you to retrieve your sunken items:


Additionally, items that sunk in the Ocean can be retrieved by sailing over them with an attached Trawl Net. These items will periodically generate bubbles to indicate their location. Items can only be retrieved this way if they didn't sink in the Deep Ocean, and less than 2 days have passed since they sunk. Items that remain sunk in the ocean after 2 days, are lost forever, and cannot be retrieved. Items sunk in Deep Ocean tiles are immediately lost and cannot be retrieved.

I just dropped accidentally a non-floating item into the Shallow Ocean and saw the bubbles rising. On the same day I crafted myself a Trawl Net and used it right above the item. But despite everything: I still just saw the bubbles rising and my Trawl Net didn't fill up itself.

Does anyone here have more experience with that?

  • Is it a new bug which as been implemented with the introduction of Hamlet or the QoL-Update?
  • Is the wiki misleading/wrong and you can't retrieve the sunken item(s) at all?
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7 hours ago, Angel_Octoling said:

you weren't actually letting the trawl net go over the item underwater. 

That would be only right if you had to move the trawl net or the boat 1:1 to the spot where you dropped your item but that wouldn't be doable in most cases so I guess QoL or a previous update broke the retrieving mechanic.

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