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Teenbird tall as a Tallbird


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I was testing a mod(it works modless too, the mod didn't affect anything) and this happened:

Posted Image

And yes, it is the size of the tallbird and from what I can say it will never turn into a tallbird again. How are you sure you ask? I changed their growth time to half a day and I tested a day and half with it in that state and nothing changed, it was still following me and accepting my orders.

To do this I did this:

While the teen starts transforming into a tall bird, before it finishes hit it once, only when it's the right size, if you hit to early, it will remain the same. To know if it's still in the process of growing up, look at its beak, the teens beak is pale purple and the adult is whitish.

EDIT: While I was writing this post I thought it was a permanent thing but no, it changed to a tall bird as soon as I logged into the world, oh well, it's good for a exit-less session only. Also, before you are friends again, you have to de-agro it by making it sleep. Time to make a non-adult bird mod :D

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Raising them up is not worth the trouble, you can easily get an army of pigs to do your bidding for cheaper cost.

Well, I never said one is worth raising, but, they won't turn into werepigs, they won't run away from you at dusk.... they won't turn into werepigs.
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