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ToiDiaeRaRIsuOy's lazy solutions

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I don't cool my coolant for my metal refinery, I just dump it in a huge oil lake. Refined 15k+ steel, average temperature of the lake only rose 40°C.


I had an issue with my peppernut farm cooling down due slightly too cold polluted water. I also needed refined carbon and ceramic. So I just stamped out 5 kilns underneath my farm. Nowadays the polluted water is hot enough, but hey I'm too lazy too mobve my kilns. Or just deconstructing them due tons of refined carbon and 100 ton of ceramic.


In Mother Dupia, comrad does not bring filtration medium to water sieve, Comrad brings water sieve to dug out filtration medium!

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The problem I have with using lakes as heat sinks is that temperature doesn't spread very fast through full-tile liquids.  I think it has to do with a weird temp/mass inverse conductivity relationship that @Saturnus mentioned in an old thread.  Even in my main clean water pool, which is just 2 tiles deep, I can have one end at 20C and the other at 30-40C for hundreds of cycles, with nothing maintaining the temp gradient, which is pretty stupid physics, IMO.

I also have a large crude lake (or rather, 5-6 small lakes connected by a thin layer), and they are more than 30 C apart, and can have 10-20 C gradients over just 3-4 m.  I tried to address this by running a passive radiant loop across the lakes, but it isn't reaching equilibrium very fast (or maybe at all).  It does at least let me run an AT in the lake without creating too bad of a hot spot.

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