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Spreading Diseases

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I read some post about facial mask for dupes whe sick which gave me an idea. At the momebt we have food poisoning and slimelung in place. Food poisoning is not spreading from dupe to dupe - which is logical as ony bacteria cause it. However slimelung and further more cold ( when dupe was in cold environment and it is sneezing) it only "stick" with dupe. What if sneezing giy works next to healty guy? It should be some chance to catch cold as well. Therefore diseases in game would be much more difficult to handle and would force to concentrate to have clinic and look after your dupes even more.

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Actually a dupe thathas slimelung when sneezing produces a bit of slimelung. It`s not a big amount but on highest difficulty it might be enough to infect another dupe. As for now slimelung dies in clean oxygen so it won`t spread far unless you got some polluted oxygen in your base.

Slimelung can be hard to deal with if you happen to get it all over your living zone. It takes a lot of time to deal with when it happens but it`s easy to prevent it from happening. I kinda wish it would spread more but we had better air disinfection tools.

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