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Get Da Better Dupes!

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Hello guys! (•ω•)/


A very long time that I haven’t come back to the forum, but definitely I love the update this time (^ω^)


As usual, I am spamming my ideas in this post today.

What I’ll introduce today is:


Get ’em into our base!


Before that I want to introduce you something:

The Universal Substance (first spoiler tab).

Afterwards view my second spoiler tab for details of better dupes.


Universal Substance (UniS) is a extremly unstable substance created by dimension activities such as cracks and portals.

Building a portal generates a trace amount of it.


Talking about special duplicants, we never find one, as what we can get from printing pods are ‘genetically ordinery duplicants’. Sounds like Gravitas haven’t done their research on artificial life.


So what kind of duplicants we can get ?


1. Genetically Improved (dupes)

Chance to be available: 80%


G.I. dupes have better genes than the ordinery one you can get from printing pods.

All G.I. duplicants will have a special trait and a debuff trait.


Possible Traits:

• Brainstormer (learning +6, tinkering +2)

• Trackrunner (athletics +10)

• Bulldozer Strength (strength +4, digging +4)

• Genius Artist (Creativity +8, decor expection +30)

• Master Builder (building +5, decor expection +25)

• Mad O’ Thinker (tinkering +8)


Printing requirements:

200kg Genetic Ooze

×1 Universal Substance

2. Genetically Unusual (dupes)

Chance to be available: 19%


G.U. dupes have unusual abilities, like their name.

Similar to G.I. dupes, they also have a set of random special traits, but still, must have a negetive trait.


Possible Traits:

• Anti-Gravity (athletes + 12, can hover above ground)

• Super-Smart Brain (learning +10)

• Armor Pericer (digging +8, strength +5)

• All-Powerful (all traits +4)

• Fast Regeneration (Can self-regenerate HP)

• Cuticle Skin (Scalding Threshold +150)

• Third Lung (Stores surplus oxygen for unbreathable enviornment, 15kg capacity)

• Solar Powered (Turns surrounding light energy into his/her energy, 200lux/50Cal/s)

• Powerful Stomach (Absorbs extra 500Cal from diets)


Printing requirements:

Genetic ooze 400kg

×2 Universal Substance

random item

3. Genetically Excellent (dupes)

Chance to be available: 1%


G.P. dupes are top artificial creatures in the universe, even Gravitas are interested in it...

Those are the highest rank of dupes you can get. All of them share the same attributes as follow:


• Having two random G.U. dupe attributes.

• Job mastery speed ×5.

• Immune to debuffs (even the effects of exosuits)

• Task efficiency ×5.

• Immune to sickness and injuries.

• Never needs sleep.

• Never needs toilets.

• Never needs food.

• Only dies from suffocation.



• ×4 times more oxygen consumption than an ordinery dupe.

• Strict morale requirement of 8 initially (without mastered job)



Print requirements:

800kg Genetic Ooze

50kg Neutronium

×1 Universal Substance 

×1 Genetic Core

random item


If you have more trait ideas, please comment! (•ω•)




Comments please! (•ω•)

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I dont think this "Prinz your dupe" thing would happen.

Also,how would you geht neutronium?

I replied in a post about a new job idea with "Neutrolit" which could be a mix of neutronium and abysalit which would be breakable(very Late game)

Something like that could work but i doubt it will ever hapen.

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