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[Nintendo Switch/RoG/SW-Compatible] Krampus spawn, how does it work?

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Thanks to the terrible lock-on mechanics I accidentally killed Glommer. According to the Wiki that's supposed to be a guaranteed spawn of Krampus, however that didn't happen in my game. No hissing sound. No Krampus. No missing items from any chests at my base. Nothing. Is that normal?

I was only on day 18 I believe, but even still, is there a chance that he won't spawn or was that just a bug?

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1 hour ago, TheKingDedede said:

Did you kill Glommer at night? If you did, it was possible that the Krampus spawned, fell asleep and then wandered away from you when daylight came.

Now there's something I don't remember. I know for sure it wasn't NIGHT time but it may have been dusk.

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