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  1. Now there's something I don't remember. I know for sure it wasn't NIGHT time but it may have been dusk.
  2. Thanks to the terrible lock-on mechanics I accidentally killed Glommer. According to the Wiki that's supposed to be a guaranteed spawn of Krampus, however that didn't happen in my game. No hissing sound. No Krampus. No missing items from any chests at my base. Nothing. Is that normal? I was only on day 18 I believe, but even still, is there a chance that he won't spawn or was that just a bug?
  3. tooth trap hard to reset

    I've started placing the traps farther apart from each other. Sure, I'd like for them all to be as close as possible too but not being able to reset them with ease makes it not worth doing. I remember it being a tad bit easier on PC, but on the Switch? Forget it. It takes an entire in-game day just to reset a small patch of them.
  4. It really is quite ridiculous. Not only has it not been fixed after the game being out for nearly a YEAR on the Switch, but they aren't even providing any sort of feedback or responses whatsoever to all these posts. I posted one myself today even. It's not just annoying, but truly GAME BREAKING as you pointed out. When I go into the caves on day 28 and come out to day 58 after only having been down there for 3 minutes, I'd say that's GAME BREAKING. I mean come on! The Nintendo Switch is a very good console for this game and something they should be providing a HELL of a lot more love and support for. I'm at a loss. I want to keep playing the game, but I shouldn't have to worry that I'll lose my progress and personal time spent putting into a good world just because they're getting their money and aren't interested in providing fixes. I haven't reached the "never playing a Klei game again" moment, but......
  5. You've done all that on a mobile device? Phone or tablet? What's the make/model? I'm tempted to buy the mobile version (it will be the 4th time I've bought this damn game) but I keep hearing so many horror stories about the Pocket Edition. I really don't think I'd have many of the issues that I hear about since my daily driver is a Galaxy Note 9.
  6. TL;DR -- Base game, no DLC, I open my first sinkhole in World 2, Day 28 (at dusk), came out of the caves around 3 minutes later to be greeted with a hound attack on World 2, Day 58. WHY???? I've played so many hours and have counted myself extremely lucky not to have to deal with any weird glitches or bugs. Today my run has ended! I was on world 2 day 28. It was dusk and about to turn into night. I opened my first sinkhole and jumped in. I was down there for less than 3 or so minutes and came back out assuming that night time was likely done. Well I wasn't wrong... It was daytime, but it was definitely day 58. I was excited because winter was almost over just to be greeted with the beginning of next winter. I really wasn't ready for a second winter. Of course this is by far the best world I've gotten on this game on any platform and had to move on to world 3 since I just wasn't ready to let go of my fully upgraded WX-78 and wasn't sure what other weird bugs I might run into. It's always possible I'll run into more in world 3 but I really hope not. As a last-ditch effort, I forced closed the game and opened it back up. In the main menu my game still showed world 2 day 29! But of course when it loaded it was still day 58 since it saved right when I left the cave. Crummy!