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Obtaining Eggs from Space.

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Is it totally random what biologicals we get from space based on our map seed  or is it fixed in some way.

In my map, 

Pufts, Dreckos, ShoveVoles, ShineBugs,Slickers  can NOT be obtained from space missions.

So if you have them extinct, they're gone for good.      The shine bugs sometimes die off very early in the game, and some seeds have only 1 or 2 of them.

Fishes and hatches seem obtainable.  (and of course gassy moo)

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As for now you can only get the a few morphs of hatch from rocky and metal asteroids, moos from organic masses and pacu from terrestrial planets. Other critters cannot be obtained from space. You need to watch out for shinebugs if you don`t want them to die off. Shove voles usually leave some eggs under the regolith that don`t hatch until you find them. Other critters shouldn`t die off easily as there is a lot of them on the map.

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