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Shave Ewecus

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So i wanted to make Ewecus shaveable so I did this:

    inst.components.beard.bits = 3
    inst.components.beard.daysgrowth = TUNING.BEEFALO_HAIR_GROWTH_DAYS + 1
    inst.components.beard.onreset = OnResetBeard
    inst.components.beard.canshavetest = CanShaveTest
    inst.components.beard.prize = "steelwool"
    inst.components.beard:AddCallback(0, OnShaved)
    inst.components.beard:AddCallback(TUNING.BEEFALO_HAIR_GROWTH_DAYS, OnHairGrowth)

But wanted to get phlegm as well on shaving. What do i need to add? Thanks!

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