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I'd like to share some strategies and general ideas on how to make your adventure in Don't Starve better! Do you guys have any other ones?1) To light a spider den on fire, people use pinecones but you really don't even need to waste time cutting down a tree; put a twig next to the spider den, light that on fire, and run away! Do this as you explore so spider dens don't get out of control.2) Build your base along a road with easy access (1-2 screen distance) to beefalo and 1-2 spider dens. You can build pig houses next to the beefalo and spider dens for farming. The pigs also combat the spider queen if she emerges or the beefalo if they are in their mating season so it prevents the spider dens and beefalo from multiplying too fast if at all, but you will need 4+ pig houses. It's best to do this in a triangular shape with your base, ie spider dens with pig houses to the NW, beefalo with pig houses to the NE, putting the pig houses in between you and the creatures. This way, you can still run south for empty land if needed. Build roads to both for super easy access.3) Use cobblestones to build roads close to the beefalo. When you hear hounds, run to the beefalo. You can run around the beefalo on the roads and not get hit much while the hounds eventually aggro the beefalo. Always have torches lying around in case you need to run at night.4) Build your base along a road but have two campfires, each within sight of one another at night so you can go to the other if needed. One campfire should be surrounded by saplings and grass with 4-6 trees on the very edge at night. Be sure to leave gaps between the saplings, grass, and trees so that if fire erupts, it won't annihilate your base. I have 2 plots of 20 saplings and 20 grass divided up by crock pots and chests. The other campfire can have berry bushes and all the other structures like ice box, science machines, chests, etc.5) Leave beefalo and beekeeper hats next to their respective creatures, hopefully on the road. This way, you won't have to carry the hat around and you also will know where it is at all times.6) Space your bee boxes out along a road so that the bees don't really hit you when you harvest the bee boxes, and you can get away fast. You probably won't even need a beekeeper hat.7) Use groups of saplings or grass tufts to mark locations on the map.8) To successfully navigate the marsh without fear of tentacles, bring a stack of 40+ twigs and slowly mark out a safe trail to each reed from the road and back out again, Hansel and Gretel style. I use twigs because I'm not tempted to pick them up in a marsh biome and they are plentiful. If there is a tentacle too close to a reed, bring in pigs or wait for spiders to hopefully kill it.9) Don't bother with walls. They clutter things up and also prevent your movement. Use a boomerang to kill gobblers and run to beefalo if hounds come. You should hopefully be along a road most of the time.10) Leave 5-6 rope near every campfire you make so that you'll always have fire at night. I also tend to leave a weapon and football helmet next to each campfire, as well as a few grass and berry bushes.11) Wear the top hat all the time except for when you are fighting to pretty much negate sanity loss. Put your amulet, pan flute, and football helmet on easy access hotkeys like 1-3. This way, you'll always be ready for fighting, running, or dying. I don't like to use the logsuit or dapper vest because then I have to drop my backpack.

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