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lava thoughts?

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Ye I've always thought it kind of sucks how the lava biome is set up with a really limited amount of lava and all those neutronium tiles everywhere blocking you from actually doing anything with it. It looks like a lot of lava but it's actually all innaccessable And with the small lava pockets you can dig into the heat dissipates so fast it feels kind of pointless attempting to use it for anything.

I would really like if there was some renewable source of lava specific to the lava biome, similar to the oil reservoirs.

Like putting atleast one volcano inside the lava biome on every map (inside the magma pockets). Could call it 'dormant volcano' or 'super volcano' and you have to build some late game building on top of it to get it working, in the same way the oil reservoirs work.

I'm talking purely as a late game fun thing you can do with the space age stuff. You've conquered space so now you can start drilling into the lava on your asteroid flooding the place with magma to give yourself more challenges to mess around with.

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