Wow... best title ive played in years, Goooo developers


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I dont even play much platformers but this game just presses all my buttons, great job! Really enjoying it, finished it... directly started achivment hunting in new game plus, great feature btw. As many others i would really want to see sequels and/or DLC. This feels like the rebirth of real stealth genre. I wouldent mind just getting new maps in the sequel... id still pay for it! :D The maps design r awesome btw, love the thoughtprocesses u guys must have gone thru to get the multi approach way every map/situation has.... just awesome!

Great thanks for this game, worth every penny and then some!

Sry for the crappy english

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Hey everyone, just wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for your support. As a smaller company, we don't exactly have the marketing bazooka that the big guys do. So having fans talk about our game IS our attention. We read everything that's posted on the forum (even if we can't respond to each post individually) and we really appreciate the feedback and love we've been getting!

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Yes, this is a very nice game you created, really enjoyed it, close to getting my last steam achievement too (New game plus). :D

I can't start a topic yet I think but I have a suggestion to make to give the game a lot of potential for longer play time as well~

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