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Hello, I recently picked up Don't Starve and I've been playing the heck out of it. Just wanted to stop in and say thanks to the devs for making such a great game and give my own two cents about what could make the game even better than it already is!1. Permanent bed. I would love to be able to make a structure that allows to me sleep every night. Perhaps this item could have a very high material cost, e.g. 10 nightmare fuel, 10 papyrus, and 5 red gems and would diminish hunger through the night like the Straw Roll does, or diminish Sanity instead!2. Map stuff. Perhaps there could be an option to unlock the map, allowing players to re-size it and fiddle with transparency settings. There could also be an option for the map to not pause the game, and another option for high-res textures on the map.3. An option to change key bindings. This would be quite nice for those who are used to other games.Anyway, I love the game so far and I am very excited to see where it goes! Thanks for giving me a place to post my ideas and I hope you continue to work on this game and make it the best it can be!-PaladinWat

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#Welcome to the Forums! Enjoy Don't Starve! :)The Permanent Bed thing, well, we want this to be a harder game, and not just sleep the night every night, even if it costs lots, besides, we have 2 beds already, we want to keep Don't Starve a rogue like game. Which means really really hard.I like the idea of Map Stuff, like maybe a notebook, and maybe something like drawing on the map and marking stuff down. Nice Feedback! :D
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