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How to fix some clients being unable to move on your server

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After a great length of a game of chess against the computer, it has been determined that:

Servers using a modified tick rate variable of 30 may result in some players being unable to move when the client has movement prediction off.

To fix this, change it to the default of 15 or 60.


I can personally attest to the server that I tested this on that these values function fine when the value 30 caused things to break on my client's side (100% consistently break).


The client will experience weird symptoms on your server such as:

  • Birds floating in the air
  • Butterflies not leaving their spawn flowers
  • Players not moving at all
  • Huge "desync" from their player and anything that moves
  • No movement at all if prediction is disabled


This may be a result of the client also having netbook mode on which locks their framerate to 30- I suspect it's locking the tick rate somewhere.


I have notified PeterA on this in a Steam PM, so perhaps he or someone there at Klei will check into it.

In the meantime, I'd highly advise keeping the tick rate away from 30.

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