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When to use all_clients_require_mod

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I have about 13 mods for DST, and at the beginning I thought many of my mods needed to have all_clients_require_mod set to true, but now I'm not so sure.

None of my mods add items, characters or custom prefabs to the game. They only ever do:

- AddPrefabPostInit

- AddComponentPostInit

- AddPlayerPostInit

- Change tuning variables

- Change stategraphs

- Change recipes

No UI changes at all. Mostly just extending, and rarely overriding, functions in components, like health, temperature, builder etc. (never replicas), changing variables on prefabs and such.

Do those kinds of mods not need to have all_clients_require_mod set to true?

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Those functions by themselves don't dictate whether or not it must be enforced onto clients.


For instance, say your mod adds a component to a prefab via the prefabpostinit.  This component would probably only exist on the server side, but not always.  There are client only components that shouldn't exist on the server at all.


The most important question to determine whether or not everyone needs the mod or if it's just server or just client is the data transference.

If the thing being changed exists only on the server, then it'd be a server only.  If at any point the data is both on the client and server and it's assumed to be the same, then it should be on both to have both sides update.  If it's only aesthetical or is a functional thing by sending a series of desired inputs to the server, then it could exist as only a client mod.

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