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Sweeper Sight Overlay

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One of the biggest issues I have is trying to set up sweeper arms to reach different containers and such when built around tiles.  Obviously if you click on individual sweepers, you can see it's individual range, but I would love to have a generic overlay or something that shows all ranges of sweeper arms in some color that stands out.  That way I can set up two sweepers and see that they are overlapping the loader/receptacle without needing to click between them. 


Would be especially helpful when trying to determine where sweepers can see when built amongst tiles, since sometimes it's hard to notice that an area is slightly whiter when multiple things are over that area.  It's easier to notice once in the shipment overlay, but you still need to click each individual sweeper to accomplish this task.


Additionally, would love if it worked similar to the lighting overlay, such that each sweepers range made the overlay slightly brighter when they were overlapping.


It's not a major issue, but just something that bugs me when trying to set up shipping.  You think you have everything set up and then realize that actually you are one tile off.

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We got a conveyor overlay. It could be easily added to it so all sweepers show range when you open it. Hovering one hides others range. Hovering a building or sweepable item hides the sweeper range of sweepers that can`t reach it and highlights the ones that can.

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