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A way of customizing our dupes' looks

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My way of playing is probably not unique but... Is there a mod, is there a module on the way to customize the aspects of incoming dupes ?


I tend to only use dupes looking like family and friends (and get real sad when I let them die T_T) so, the only thing I'm looking for when a new one is available for my colony, is "Is there one that looks like X ?", rather than there stats, really (I tend to be neet picky for the 10 first dupes, but then oh well). 

The trouble with that, is that every time I feel I'm ready for a new duplicant, it's just a new cycle of reloading the game, looking at what dupes I got this time, nope no one that looks like I wanted, etc. It's not really interesting and the bigger my base iss, the more tedious it becomes...


I'd love having 3 sets of premade stats to choose from, but then be able to customize the look of my dupe, is something akin to that idea coming for the official game ?

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I want this as a game feature rather than a mod.

You know... You may repeat the duplicant with the same... outlook. Inside the game.


“Hey, I think I get confused...” a duplicant confused by two identical duplicants

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