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  1. I couldn't wait for this update, I'm not disappointed ! The new content is great, but having those asteroid types to choose will greatly improve the replayability, well done, thank you so much for keeping the game interesting even so close to release !
  2. Thanks so much Klei for your hard work, I hope everyone's health is good now ^^ I'm stuck at work and drooling over the update... could anyone screencap the errand tab from buildings and the new daily reports ? They sound rad !
  3. Just a happy feedback to say I love how the confort items have been changed in the research tiers. My recent base feels weird right now, with already built canvases boosting a lot my morla even if I was at a point where the research wasn't achieved yet, and I didn't have the necessary fiber yet (or I would have used it for something else), but I can't wait to start a new colony and experiment all that from the very beginning ! It has already been asked a lot, but I can't wait for the ability to copy/paste layouts (and please, be able to export/import it) ! One last thing, I'd really like, for the priority layout to be able to highlight (or tone down every other) priorities depending on a selected job. It would help greatly understand what each job means and anticipate where our dupes will go next. On a related note, when on the info of a dupe, the task he's assigned to right now should tell what is the corresponding job. If I'm understanding right, for example sometimes watering plants is a result of the farming job, and sometimes of the supply job. I could be right I could be wrong, but if I had easy intel on that and could proceed by trial and error to anticipate and optimize, that would be lovely !
  4. I'm sure I didn't, as my base is so basic right now I only have two automation systems and they're far from the door in question.
  5. I had one dupe not wanting to eat, even though he was starving and food was available (his mates were eating right next to him). As soon as I saved and loaded this save, he turned back to normal, went straight for a mushroom. Nid Ctlahope Cycle 53.sav
  6. This is the new intended process I think yes, didn't tested it yet. I like seeing my colony evolve, the more the better, so for me, having this "set back" (and, truely, putting back some use for the non-masterpiece art, since you'd rarely put a non-artist dupe to do those jobs) feels like an improvement. I'm only playing with early to mid-content though, and 15 dupes at best, so I don't really see the trouble in upgrading all my art in the colony. You could also wait for your artist to have the necessary tier in his job before filling your colony with his art. I'm not a specialist on what this change imply ^^
  7. @Oozinator Oh yeah for sure, all kinds of players are enjoying this game for all kinds of reasons !
  8. I didn't knew that... but then again, most of the time, and I imagine, most players too, tend to have other things in mind than screenshoting manually every cycle. One automatic feature like that would definitely bring joy in players hearts
  9. As far as QOL ideas go, I'd really like to have, probably as a joint file with each reports, a heatmap of dupes movement/time spend. We all try to optimize deplacement, delivery, etc, but it's often really abstract, and tend to get lost when we speed up the time, it'd be really handy ! Maybe having a tool for evaluating the closest ingredient/material for each station/job, and that way anticipe movement problems and planning out solutions. And really... since I discovered the game, I dreamt of an addition that would take a screenshot of the whole map like every cycle, so that we could watch the whole evolution of our base from the very beginning, I feel it would be awesome to see that kind of timelapse.
  10. One thing that I find is definitely lacking from the UI of doors, would be corresponding up and down arrows for managing dupes restrictions when you put them horizontally. I use a LOT of horizontal doors, but then am stuck when it's time to provide some dupes to go through them, is left corresponding to up or down ? It's not clear...
  11. Nid Ctlahope.sav A little while after loading my save, I noticed the horizontal manual door at the bottom of the base, right above the mushroom rough farm, stayed open, I don't really know why.
  12. Regarding the food queues : I don't know what is the intended or expected behaviour, but besides the bugs that are happening for now (production stopping at some point), the goal seems to give us the ability to set different foods to unlimited, I don't really understand in which order the dupes will follow the queue (maybe just in the order it was inputed ?) but they'll cook meal A until they don't have the means to (ingredient or skill), then they'll cook meal B until they don't have the means to OR they can cook meal A again, then meal C etc. Exactly the same behavior as I think we all thought it would work when we discovered the cooking queue for the first time... except befor this patch the queue would freeze if meal A could not be cooked. Now, I see 2 issues with the way queues are presented right now : with the recipes presented vertically like they are, we don't really know what will be cooked at first, and if we want to cook an infinity of DIFFERENT meals, we don't seem to have a way to easily make that. I don't think there is an elegant and unique solution, but what I want to submit, is like instead of (or even better, in addition of) behing able to order infinite meal A, infinite B, etc... maybe have a way to order the queued elements TIMES INFINITY ! You then could adjust the proportion of meal A in regards to B, and if you need a backup meal C, put it in a different musher/grill with a lower priority. ... well, it's not THAT BIG of an idea, but hey, could be handy. My next idea would be to be able to "code" the queue, with parenthesis and an infinity multiplicator... but I fell it would be waaaayy too complicated.
  13. Having some room to creativity besides optimization is nice too. I don't really see the problem of them giving us some equivalent possibilities here and there. But then again, I'm far from an extrem min-maxer at heart.