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About This File

Base and RoG compatible

It's a shelter with the added benefit of resurrection.

On death you will resurrect back to the shelter.

When resurrected the shelter will be destroyed.

Not 100% rain proof.

Not 100% shaded.

But the little shelter will help out!

Recipe tab Structures.

There are three options for the recipe

Easy = 5 logs, 4 pig skins and 4 rope, No Machine required.

Normal = 4 Beard Hair, 2 Nightmare Fuel and 10 logs, use a Science Machine to prototype.

Hard = 1 Life Giving Amulet, 5 Nightmare Fuel and 10 Boards, use an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

Use config mod to change the recipe.

Works with existing saved game as well as new.



1 Start the game and slect mods.

2 Highlight the mod you want to change the setting in.

3 If the mod you have highlighted has options,a new button will appear under the decription.

Version 1.1 update

Added recipe options in configure mod.

Version 1.2 update

Added resurrection animations

Version 1.3 update

Added a variety of recipes as for all the suggestions.

Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

If you like the mod give it a thumbs up.


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Is this DST compatable? We all have it installed but only the host can see the ones built. It's able to be built by everyone but unusable and unseeable after placement.

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My and my boo play Don't start sittin next to each other. 

We love this mod and are now very happy for the upgrade so we can actually get past just harvesting.  Woo hoo

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