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So powerful, it cannot have a single owner.

Weapon stats:

-Deals 200 damage.

-Very very very durable.


-Emits light.

-Can chop trees and mine boulders.

-True lategame pure fun sword.

Craft Recipe:

-Guardian's Horn x1

-Blue Gem x5

-Red Gem x5

-Purple Gem x3

-Thulecite x5

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What's New in Version v0.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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just a heads up guys about why this mod crash. it turns out that the modmaker doesnt know how to make a recipe code and the actual problem was the recipe the weapon has. turns out its invalid. so to fix this yourselves do the following


1. open the mod folder commonly found in [Program Files\Dont Starve - Reign of Giants\mods\Divine Rapier].

2. locate the modmain.lua file and open it using any text program but preferably notepad++

3. press ctrl + g to go into jump to space mode and locate space 26

4. replace the entire space to local dota_sword = GLOBAL.Recipe( "dota_sword", {Ingredient("redgem", 5),Ingredient("bluegem", 5), Ingredient("thulecite", 5), Ingredient("purplegem", 3), Ingredient("goldnugget", 15), Ingredient("minotaurhorn", 1)},  RECIPETABS.WAR, {SCIENCE=2} )


all it do is fix the recipe and prevent the mod from ever crashing again.

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